Looking For A ZERO Annual Fee Credit Card? Consider These Top Picks For 2022

Different credit cards cater to different lifestyle and needs. Some credit cards will reward you more for spending more, while some will just offer basic services. This is where we can draw the line between no-frills credit cards and the premier ones. The former doesn’t offer many fun and rewarding features, but they won’t burden you with yearly fees. The latter on the other hand can be rewarding, depending on how you’re spending, but you’ll be obligated to pay for an annual fee which will serve as a maintenance or membership fee for accessing their perks.  

When it comes to choosing a credit card, it’s a consideration between rich financial features and lower fees. While there are cards that charge you a fee for all the benefits you get, there are other options that provide you with exclusive benefits without charging an annual fee, and here’s a quick rundown of those cards.

Citi Simplicity +

If you’re looking for a no-frills card that’s free for life, this card should be on top of your list. While it doesn’t offer many rewards for spending, it will, however, reward you for being a good paymaster and so much more.

Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card

Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card

The Card That Pays You Back For Paying On Time

Get 10% back on interest charges if you pay at least the minimum due on or before the due date.
Should you consider this card?

There isn’t really any reason why you should not get this card unless you are after premium rewards for being a spender. But even then, this card is simply hard to pass on because who would say no to these key benefits?

  • 10% cash back
  • No late payment fees
  • No annual fees
Credit card features
10% interest back
  • Get 10% interest back on purchases and cash advances every month when you pay at least the minimum monthly due amount on-time.

  • Rebate earned will automatically be credited in your upcoming statement.

  • No capping on rebates so your savings can really add up.
  • No late payment charge You don’t get charged for paying up after your due date, it’s that simple.
    No over limit feeIf you happen to spend beyond your card’s limit, you will not be charged additional fees.
    No annual feeNo annual fee every single year.
    Citi World PrivilegesEnjoy the best exclusive privileges from Citibank’s partner merchants all year long.

    RCBC Bankard AirAsia Credit Card

    A one of a kind travel credit card that opens up many exclusive AirAsia travel privileges with no annual fees. It’s a perfect card for first-time credit cardholders who love to travel on a budget.  

    RCBC Bankard AirAsia

    RCBC Bankard AirAsia

    Your ticket to free AirAsia flights.

    Earn 2 BIG Points for every ₱25 spend in AirAsia
    Should you get this card?

    On the surface, this looks like a travel credit card. Deep down, it’s a basic credit card embedded with travel perks from AirAsia. The best thing about this card is that it comes with low-income requirements and no annual fee*

    It’s great for first-time credit cardholders who are also budget travelers. Rather than regular reward points, BIG Points are earned for every charge you make to the card of a certain amount of spend with the card. These points can be used to pay for AirAsia flights. 

    If you’re the kind who travels frequently with AirAsia, this is the credit card that would make sense for that kind of lifestyle.

    Credit card features
    Lifetime annual fee waiver*No annual fee forever when you spend at least ₱20,000 within 60 days from date of issuance.
    Earn BIG Points1 Big Point for every ₱22 spend overseas and ₱22 locally
    Stay connected while in flightFree onboard wifi
    Welcome giftGet up to 8,000 bonus BIG Points when you spend at least ₱20,000 within 60 days from date of issuance.
    EMV chip technologyChip technology for better security against fraud.
    Free travel insurance and purchase protectionGet secured on your overseas travel
    Access to world-class airport loungesEnjoy a luxurious lounging experience as you wait for you flight.
    0% install on overseas purchasesConvert all of your purchases abroad into installments.
    Bonus travel limitGet extra credit limit during your travel overseas.

    Book a flight with AirAsia now!

    AUB Easy Mastercard

    Perhaps one of the very few credit cards in the country that can let its cardholders choose when and how much they want to pay. It’s a starter credit card that lets you take care of your finances on your own terms.

    AUB Easy MasterCard

    AUB Easy MasterCard

    Pay Whenever You Want

    The credit card that lets you choose how much to pay and when to pay.
    Should you consider this card?

    The main take away for this card is its ability to sort out your payment according to your preferred date and amount. This will reduce the chances of late payments as you can easily schedule your due date to your payday. Besides the annual fee waiver, choosing this card means you’ll also have flexibility on your payment terms. If that alone is enticing to you, this is a card to consider.

    Credit card features
    No interest on new purchasesAUB Credit Cards does not charge interest on new purchases made after the statement cut-off
    RewardsEarn 1 Rewards Point for every ₱20 spend with your AUB credit card
    Mabuhay milesEnjoy free flights & service class upgrades on Philippine Airlines
    Complimentary airport loungeSit back & relax before your flight with access to the complimentary airport lounge.

    HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card

    A lifestyle credit card through and through that rewards you for every dining and shopping spend that you make. The good news is, you can take advantage of its promotion which runs until December 31, 2019 waiving its annual fee for life! 

    HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Card

    HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Card

    5% Cashback For All Dining Purchases

    No annual fee for life if you apply and get approved before Dec 31, 2019.
    Should you get this card?

    If you’re the kind who eats out a lot and pay with your card, or you’re a frequent shopper regardless of the season, you can easily leverage from this credit card’s features. It will save you a good sum of money if you frequent using this card on your dining and shopping purchases.

    This type of card doesn’t always come with a free annual fee waiver. Generally, if you just want a cashback credit card just for the purpose of getting rebates or you fit the description above, this credit card is a steal until its annual fee waiver promo is over.

    Credit card features
    Lifetime annual fee waiver*No annual fee forever when you apply and get approved on or before December 31, 2019.
    Cashback5% cash back for all dining spends
    0.5% for all other spends.
    0.5% cash back for spends on utilities.
    Installment plan
    Get 0% interest of payment plan at any of HSBC’s partner merchants. Flexible payment schems of up to 36 months.
    Exclusive freebies and discounts.Access HSBC’s Home&Away Program which grants discount privileges to all 27,000 HSBC accredited outlets.
    HSBC Secure PayAdditonal layer of security for online purchases and payments.
    0% install on overseas purchasesConvert all of your purchases abroad into installments.

    Metrobank M Free Mastercard

    An entry level credit card that can get all the job done and more. With its low-income requirement and annual fee waiver, it’s an appealing card for first-time credit card applicants and those who just want to have a straightforward credit card without an annual fee to keep the card.

    Metrobank M Free Mastercard

    Metrobank M Free Mastercard

    No Annual Fee

    No need to think of annual fee ever.
    Should you consider this card?

    It’s a basic credit card, but it’s a straightforward one. It comes with standard charges and fees imposed by the bank, some value-added1 service like Bills2Pay, and it benefits from Metrobank’s promotions. It isn’t as rewarding as premium cards but all the basic perks are in this card and it doesn’t come with an annual fee.

    Get this card if you want to easily ace the income requirement and start using a straightforward credit card.

    Credit card features
    Lifetime annual fee waiverGet the benefits of using a credit card without the need to pay the annual fee for life.
    M HereDiscounts and freebies in Metrobank partner establishments when you pay with your Metrobank M Free Mastercard
    Chip cardYour Metrobank Card has an embedded chip that can protect you from credit card fraud due to cloning - an occurrence when your personal and account information is copied and transferred to a fake card.
    0% installmentPurchase big ticket items and split your payment into 3,6,9,12,18, or even 24 months installment. Metrobank’s 0% installment plan can be used for purchases such as gadgets, appliances, tuition, bills, travel fare, and accommodations.

    Robinsons Bank Platinum DOS Mastercard

    A shopping credit card that automatically splits your shopping purchases into a two-month installment at 0% interest rate. While it’s a hassle-free and cost-efficient shopping credit card that will make payments lighter, it’s also a rewarding credit card for your everyday use.

    Robinsons Bank Platinum DOS Mastercard

    Robinsons Bank Platinum DOS Mastercard

    No Annual Fee

    No annual fee if used 12 times in 1 year.
    Should you consider this card?

    This shopping credit card has an annual fee waiver once you’ve made 12 purchases in one year with it. If you can make that much purchases in a year and you don’t mind the limited facility that Robinson’s bank has, this credit card can do its job for you.

    Credit card features
    No annual feeAnnual fee waived if used 12x in one year.
    RewardsEarn 1 reward point for every ₱50 spend.
    Installment planAll transactions are automatically split into two equal monthly installments at 0% interest.
    EMV technologyEMV-chip technology provides a one-time password for 3D Secure transactions and SMS alerts for approved transactions.
    Contactless paymentPay with Mastercard PayPass.

    RCBC Bankard Classic Card

    A great credit card for first-time credit card users because of the flexibility of its reward points system. While it’s isn’t that much different from the average credit card, users can choose to be rewarded for almost all types of spending category.

    RCBC Bankard Classic Card

    RCBC Bankard Classic Card

    The Young’s Perfect Companion

    Enjoy monthly promos and rewards from RCBC partners.
    Should you consider this card?

    Other than the zero annual fee which is a promotional offer, this credit card is perfect for cardholders who want more flexibility with the rewards that they’re getting, or if their range of purchases and spending are vast. The RCBC Bankard Classic Cards has a reward program for all types of spending, you just have to choose.

    Credit card features
    Flexible rewards program

  • Cash Rebates

  • Shopping Vouchers at top establishments

  • Cash Credit to your RCBC Bankard

  • Deposit to your RCBC or RCBC Savings Account

  • Manager’s Check

  • There is no limit on how much you can earn, and your rewards never expire! *myDream JCB is excluded from Rewards Program
    International travel privileges
    Charge all your travel-related needs to your RCBC Bankard and load up on exciting travel perks and benefits:
  • Free Travel Insurance (Travel Plus Lite) & Purchase Protection

  • Access to the Miascor and Skyview Lounges for a fee of US$12 Want the access fee waived? Charge at least US$200 abroad (single or accumulated spend) then call 888-1888, to request for the waiver.

  • 0% Installment for your purchases abroad
  • While there are many types of zero annual fee credit cards on the market, we hope the above list narrowed down the important points you should consider as you weigh the benefits and costs of the type of card you should set your sights on owning.


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