Affordable Noche Buena Food Platters Delivery

Affordable Noche Buena Food Platters Delivery

It’s the most awaited time of the year again – Christmas. This year’s celebration will be quite different from any other year – Christmas parties aside, there will be no celebrations and buffets dinners happening the night before Christmas. All the celebrations will have to be in the comforts of our very own home, as it should be. Preparing your Noche Buena doesn’t have to be a chore thanks to the advent of food delivery in recent months. 

If you just want to sit back and enjoy Christmas eve basking in the presence of your loved ones instead of the kitchen, we have curated a list of Christmas food delivery in the Metro where you can get a set of sumptuous plattered dishes for your Noche Buena with a breeze!

Catering Trio

A food catering company that is known to cater for different occasions and events. Their food is a mix of traditional Filipino and some Asian dishes. Their catering services are quite affordable and they offer party trays, making it easier to just pick and choose the food you like to order without going out of budget. 

For your information

Served in trays 

₱300 to ₱800

Pax: 3 to 8 per tray

How to order

Contact them through the following:





Visit them at Roofdeck Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. (formerly Emerald Ave), Pasig City⠀⠀


Suzzie’s Kitchen

While not exactly a restaurant, they’ve been in the business since 2014. If you’re looking to have some home-cooked meals for Noche Buena, perhaps their menu can satisfy your preference. They have a specific set of dishes for Christmas, and it features some traditional Filipino Noche Buena items like Lechon and macaroni to name a few. Their food is also prepared for presentation and can be ordered in trays, so you can easily mix and match your order.


Served in trays

₱300 to ₱2,000

Pax: 3 to 10 per tray

How to order?

Order through

0927 819 0915

Suzzieskitchen at IG

Suzzie’s Kitchen on FB



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Food Tray 2 Go

From the name itself, they make food trays and deliver them straight to your doorstep. Food Tray 2 Go has a wide variety of dishes you can choose from, and they’re all affordable, considering each food tray can serve 5 to 10 pax.

Their dishes range from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and even Middle Eastern cuisine. They can be your go-to food delivery for Noche Buena if you’re craving something non-Filipino this festive season. Although, they do have traditional Filipino dishes on their menu too. 


Served in trays

5 pax – ₱2148

10 pax – ₱4295

How to order

Contact them directly through the following:

0917 702 6395

foodtray2go at IG


Hot dish

This is a purely take-out and delivery food business featuring classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist. Currently, they only deliver to Quezon City, Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig, Taguig, Makati City, and other parts of Metro Manila. 

Their food options are without a doubt, traditionally Filipino and if you’re looking to have a fiesta buffet on your Noche Buena table this upcoming Christmas eve, their food is totally suited for that kind of vibe!


Served in trays

6 to 8  pax – ₱200 to₱ 500

8 to 10 pax – ₱300 to ₱1,000 

How to order

Contact them directly through the following: at IG

893 7053

0933 820 7171

0917 596 7171



This is one of the most well-renowned restaurants in the Metro that are also known for their food delivery service. Their business has been around since 1988 dishing out classic Filipino favorites for an affordable price. For a long time, Amber has been a go-to food delivery service even before the advent of app-driven food deliveries, and we can see why. 

While their menu is without a doubt purely Filipino, they do have a wide variety of food options aside from main dishes that are best paired with rice. They also have traditional Filipino desserts and appetizers in their menu. It’s a complete Filipino foodie experience that they offer, and if that’s the kind of Noche Buena you wish to have, Amber’s dishes can surely deliver. 

Also, family-sized dishes are served in a traditional bilao. On regular days, you can easily add to cart your orders through their website This Christmas season, however, they encourage their customers to get in touch with them through their hotline.  


Served in Bilao

₱500 to ₱740

6 to 8  pax 

How to order

Contact them through the following:

Metro Manila –  8884-8888

Cavite – (046) 417-5555

Laguna – (049) 535-5555

Customer Service – 7748-8888



Neil’s  Kitchen

Here’s another homegrown restaurant that serves a mix of different dishes from different cuisines. You’ll find all sorts of cuisines on their menu, from traditional Filipino, Thai, to Mediterranean and Western cuisines.  Perhaps, it’s safe to say that Neil’s Kitchen has a dish for everyone’s palate – whether it’s for fancy caviar hungry taste buds or for the traditional Filipino foodie enthusiasts. They even have turkey on their menu. 

This holiday season, they are offering food deliveries in platters! You can pick and choose whatever cuisines you fancy from their menu and they can make you a family-sized tray for you and your family to enjoy. 


Served in trays

₱900 to ₱3,000

10 to 12  pax


Contact them through the following:



Don’t let this year’s global situation keep you from having a nice and heartwarming Noche Buena with your family this Christmas Eve. If anything, the pandemic has reminded us how Christmas should be celebrated – at home with family. The only difference is that we can now choose to have our Noche Buena food prepared, fuss-free, and delivered just in time for the occasions – and that isn’t exactly a bad thing.

May your Noche Buena be a sumptuous feast that can bring your family closer together this upcoming Christmas Eve!

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