Nokia Offering To Set Up 5G For Local Firms

Nokia Offering To Set Up 5G For Local Firms

Nokia Corp, a popular company that once dominated the mobile phone industry has announced on Tuesday that it is in talks with companies in the Philippines to set up 5G technology solutions for their businesses. 

The Country Head of Nokia Philippines, Andrew Cope,  said that it is currently talking to a number of industries at this point. 

During a media roundtable in Makati with reporters, Cope expressed how he’s unable to disclose further information at the moment, he said:

“I can’t, unfortunately, disclose … We’re hoping there will be some disclosures early next year,” 

Despite that, he is optimistic that at least “two to three” local companies will be deployed with 5G technology solutions in 2020. The Nokia official, however, is unable to disclose more specific details about the companies. 

“The plan is to find an industry partner that understands and sees the potential of 5G in the industry space to build a use case … Not just a use case but a business case for 5G in the industry,” Cope remarked.

According to Nokia, they are looking into mining, ports, anything that requires personal or public safety, and automation industries as key segments that will be heavily utilizing 5G technology.

Cope noted that this will be rolled out to some companies next year. When asked about how big and how far they’ll go, the Nokia official said he “really cannot comment.”


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