5 Online Furniture Shops That Ship Anywhere In The Philippines

5 Online Furniture Shops That Ship Anywhere In The Philippines

New year, new home! You don’t exactly need to buy a brand new house for a fresh perspective and start anew this 2022. One cost-efficient way to do that is to change your furniture to give your home a different look and feel.

This is certainly much easier now with Ikea finally opening its doors in the Philippines. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to Swedish flatpack furniture for your interior design dreams.

Here are the top furniture shops in the Philippines that are proven to be as good (and may even be better than Ikea) and you can order from them online too!

Mandaue foam

This furniture store is a homegrown brand of Cebu and has successfully established a name across the country since 1971. Mandaue foam is primarily popular for its high-quality bedroom essentials such as mattresses and pillows, but throughout the years they’ve managed to evolve into a one-stop-shop for home and office furnishings.

What sets them apart from the rest

Apart from the fact that they’ve been one of the leading brands for mattresses in the Philippines which are world-class, most of their design language for their furniture is minimalistic. If you’re aiming for a minimalist look and feel of your home, Mandaue is a good alternative to Ikea. They have 28 branches across the country, you can also order from them online and have your furniture delivered to you wherever you may be in the Philippines. 

Bedroom furniture and essentials, especially mattresses.


Bonny furniture

Affordable yet quality home and office furniture are what Bonny furniture is known for. They are one of the pioneers of retail furniture in Manila and if you buy in-store, you can even negotiate the price further. This furniture store has been in the business of vintage Filipino furniture for six decades now. If you’re all about making your home look as Filipino as possible, you can find the furnishing to match that theme here.

Bonny furniture doesn’t have branches outside Manila, but you can buy from them online and the shipping has to be arranged manually. But if you’rewithin close proximity to Metro Manila, this place should be easy to get to and and/or to have their furniture shipped to you. 

What sets them apart from the rest

Bonny Furniture has a wide range of essential furniture for all types of rooms in your home – from the bedroom to the kitchen, you’ll find affordable modern and vintage Filipino style furniture. Want to furnish an old ancestral home? You are more likely to find those antique looking Filipino wardrobes and bookshelves here, although brand new. While those types of furniture stand out from their collection, they also have a variety of modern furnishings from the living room to your bedroom, but they’re all pretty standard. 

General household furniture especially Filipino vintage furniture.


Urban concepts

From the name itself, this furniture store is all about the urban way of living by offering a range of space-saving furniture that is well suited for tiny spaces such as condo units and apartments. You can say that their furniture is perfect for that minimalist way of life. Urban concepts is popular for its rustic and modern-looking furniture, making it appealing not just to minimalists but to young professionals in general. 

What sets them apart from the competition

First of all, they’re the only furniture store that has “pet-friendly furniture” for a category. Pet owners will be glad to know that finding furniture that won’t be easily damaged by your pet can be just with just a single click on the category. Secondly, their designs are heavily focused on space-saving and functionality, they’re especially good for condominiums and small apartments. If you’re planning to go minimalist in 2022 by furnishing your home with less furniture but more functionality and being more intentional with your furnishings, Urban Concept is the perfect place to shop. 

Minimalistic and space saving furniture.


Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel launched their store in Manila in 2014. They have a collection of carefully curated contemporary pieces of furniture that will inspire anyone to step up their interior design game. This shop has everything from elegant bedroom furniture and items (actual bed, beddings, wardrobe, and etc), kitchen fixtures (like tables, chairs, and other items), to living room items – all showcasing modern design that is suited for ages. 

What sets them apart from the competition

If you’re looking for a combination of rustic and modern looking furnishings, this is the place to be. They have a wide range of selections of living room, dining and kitchen, bedroom, and home office furniture that suits that kind of style. However,  their prices are somewhat higher than the rest of our shops in this list, but the quality of their carpentry can vouch for that extra premium. 

General modern home and living furniture.


Furniture source

Safe to say, this online furniture store is a one-stop shop for all your furniture needs, and they are practically the closest thing to Ikea in terms of the array of options available. The designs of their furniture are mostly modern and industrial, and they have hundreds of selections for every category of furniture.

What sets them apart from the competition

Their furniture are mostly modern inspired and can be the safest option if you aren’t sure what vibe you want to go for. If you just want standard or modern looking furniture to spruce up your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining, or your home office, their catalog should have a thing or two for you. 

General modern home and living furniture.


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