Which Online Streaming Service Should You Subscribe To?

Which Online Streaming Service Should You Subscribe To?

The internet has paved the way for the rise of online streaming services. While the majority of Filipinos still consume cable and local TV, the relentless penetration of the internet into our daily lives has slowly made many of us see how online streaming services can potentially change the game of our movie habits – for better or worse. 

To date, there are only a handful of online streaming services available in the Philippines, catering to local and international shows. And yes, we hear you. Until now, you could only groan in confusion choosing which subscription to retain or consider switching over and which subscription to just give a hard pass. 

For some enlightenment on the matter, we break down the most prominent streaming services in the country to help you sort out your online streaming subscription woes. Also, in case you’re still on the lookout for the best streaming service that will suit your taste, this list might help you find what you’re looking for. 

1. Netflix

The most prominent streaming site, not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Netflix offers a wide range of genre in their playlist, aside from Hollywood blockbusters, they also have local Pinoy movies and shows, and Korean dramas.  Netflix is also famed for its original content like Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, Bird Box, and so much more.

How much does Netflix cost?

This streaming platform runs on a subscription-based membership. All paying members can have access to their entire movie library. However, the devices where their account can be accessed and the number of profiles the member can create in his account will vary according to their subscription package.

TierMonthly fee

1 mobile phone or tablet at a time

Standard Definition

Watch on 1 screen at a time in Standard Definition. Download videos on 1 phone or tablet.

Watch on 2 screens at a time. HD available. Download videos on 2 phones or tablets.

Watch on 4 screens at a time. HD and Ultra HD available. Download videos on 4 phones or tablets.

Why should you consider Netflix?

If you’re into movies and shows that are mainstream, from Hollywood blockbusters to K-drama, Netflix can probably satisfy your thirst. In addition to these, their original movies are basically a genre of its own because of their popularity, that alone can be good for you or someone to consider signing up with Netflix.

Netflix without a doubt offers a rich online streaming playlist, but it also comes with a price. If you don’t mind paying a few hundred pesos per month for what they’re offering, which you can also potentially find in other cheaper streaming platforms, then go ahead and sign up!

2. Iflix

This is like the budget version of Netflix. From the name alone, you can very well tell that it’s inspired by the online streaming giant. This budding online streaming hailed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been slowly extending its reach throughout its neighboring countries. 

Unlike Netflix however, Iflix offers a different kind of menu to its audience. While Netflix is highly saturated with Western flicks, Iflix provides a wide selection of Asian flicks, from Korean drama to Indonesian, Malaysian, and Thai shows and films. 

How much does iflix cost?

You don’t actually need to pay money to watch shows in iflix. They have a range of free content that you can watch just by visiting their site without logging on to an account.  If you want to have access to more up-to-date movies and shows, that’s when signing up with them is required.  

Access to their entire catalogue₱129

Why should you consider iflix?

You’ll find a surprisingly wide range of both Hollywood and local offerings flix in their movie library. They even have their own original contents such as Hot Ones by Sam YG, and even their own movie – Mystified starring Iza Calzado, Karylle, Diana Zubiri and Sunshine Dizon. 

If you’re a fan of shows from local channels, you’ll be delighted to know that they have local hits from both ABS-CBN and GMA. 

If these kinds of shows and movies are your cup of tea, you won’t regret signing up with them. 

3. iWantTV

This is the country’s local channel’s very own streaming site. It’s been around for a long time, but it was only recently that it became a full-blown streaming site featuring all of ABS-CBN’s movie and show titles. 

While many of their contents are free, premium users can get access to their shows and movies on demand and even on the go (App).

How much does iWantTV cost?

Majority of their content are free but for those who want to have on-demand and mobile access to the streaming site, they have the option to subscribe and become a premium member. The rates are as follows:

Smart subscribers (postpaid and prepaid)
iWantTV 15₱15 

1 day unlimited access to their entire library
iWantTV 60₱60 

7 days unlimited access to their entire library
iWantTV 120₱120

30 day access to their entire library
Globe subscribers
GoWATCH 29, 99, 3995 hours free streaming

Should you sign up with iWant TV?

This platform is an obvious choice if you’re an avid follower of local shows from ABS-CBN. In case you can’t get enough of the Ang Probinsyano or Kadenang Ginto or you simply want to watch them at your own time, perhaps that’s a good enough reason to be subscribed to this local streaming service. 

4. Crunchyroll

This streaming site is more targeted to audiences young and old alike who can’t get enough of animes. It’s basically a niche streaming site catering only to Japanese anime for the most part, for that manga-centered viewing experience. 

How much does Crunchyroll cost?

The streaming site’s pricing is pretty straightforward. You only pay $7.99 for unlimited access to their library of anime shows and movies for a month! But they also have different tiers for their subscription, which are as follows:

Monthly feeFeatures
Free membership

  • Limited Anime & Drama

  • Limited Manga

  • Ads on Video and Manga

  • Stream on Most Devices

  • Standard Definition 480p

  • Standard Customer Support

$7.99 + taxes

  • Access ALL Anime & Drama

  • Simulcast: Enjoy newest episodes as soon as 1 hour after Japanese broadcast

  • Access ALL Manga

  • Simulpub: Read the latest manga chapters as soon as they are published in Japan

  • No Ads.

  • High Definition 1080p and 720p

  • Premium Email Support, Priority Response Guaranteed

  • Discounts in the Crunchyroll Store

$11.99 + taxes

  • Access ALL Anime & Drama

  • Simulcast: Enjoy newest episodes as soon as 1 hour after Japanese broadcast

  • Access ALL Manga

  • Simulpub: Read the latest manga chapters as soon as they are published in Japan

  • No Ads

  • Stream on All Available Devices

  • High Definition 1080p and 720p

  • Premium Email Support, Priority Response Guaranteed

  • Discounts in the Crunchyroll Store

  • + Free Shipping on All Eligible Products (US only)

  • VIP Convention Perks like special goodie bags, exclusive events, and front-of-line privilege for Crunchyroll events

  • Entry into Exclusive Contests

  • Exclusive Premium+ Virtual Badge

  • Early Access to Beta Test New Features

Should you sign up in Crunchyroll?

From the get-go, this niche streaming site obviously caters to those who are obsessed with anime and Manga. If their genre is what excites the movie buff in you, every peso will be worth the subscription. 

5. Viu

The popularity of Korean dramas in the Philippines has paved the way for Viu to surface in the online streaming competition in the country. There’s really nothing much to say about this streaming site – it’s a Korean drama streaming site through-and-through. 

How much does it cost to sign up in Viu?

This streaming site offers free content but only limited to shows that not everyone is really keen to watch. If you want to access their entire catalog of Korean movies with better quality (including your favorite k-drama), you can take comfort knowing that it won’t really cost you an arm and a leg. 

Premium ₱129 / month

Should you sign up with Viu?

Can’t get enough with Korean-drama? If yes, then you’ve got your answer!


HBO has their own streaming site called HBO GO. Subscribers have access to all the movies aired on HBO and its partner channels as well as the option to Livestream the channels. You also have access to HBO’s original shows and content such as Game of Thrones,  Big Little Lies, and Westworld. The downside though is that HBO GO is only available in the Philippines to SKYcable, Destiny Cable, and One SKY subscribers with HBO as part of their cable TV plan.

How much does HBO GO cost?

HBO GO used to be tied with existing cable subscription packages, and access will depend on your cable provider. Today, you’ll be glad to know that HBO has finally launched its own standalone streaming service, accessible through HBOAsia.com and their app. 

Unlimited access through app and hbogoasia.com₱149

The pricing is very straight forward you get unlimited access to their movie catalog for ₱149 a month.

Should you subscribe to HBO GO?

To be honest, there’s a very thin line between HBOGo and Netflix. Perhaps the only thing that sets them apart is their original content. If you’re a fan of HBO’s exclusive shows, like Game of Thrones, Watchmen, West World, True Blood, and etc, those will probably be the reason why you’d choose this over Netflix or even other streaming platforms.  Ultimately, the decision will boil down to your taste in movies and preferences.

Are you still confused? Okay, let’s make this a little easier for you. Here’s a bird’s eye view of these streaming services.

Netflix•  Original Netflix shows

• Popular Hollywood TV series and movies

• Limited Asian shows and movies

• Original and popular English kids shows
iflix• Asian content from the region, such as Malaysian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hindi, and some Filipino

• LImited Hollywood TV shows and movies

• English kids shows
iWant TV• Local TV shows and some Hollywood shows
Crunchyroll• Hardcore anime and manga selection
Viu• Asian entertainment such as Japanese, Korean, Middle-Eastern, Chinese and local TV shows and movies
HBO GO•  Original HBO shows

• Popular Hollywood TV series and movies.

• Mature shows, not kid-friendly content

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