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Boracay Flights Changed Due To Boracay Closure

After the announcement that Boracay will be closed for six months starting April 26, airlines traveling to and from the destination has adjusted their flight operations.  The following are the list of travel advisories from the airlines servicing Boracay.

1. Philippine Airlines (PAL)

PAL President Jaime J. Bautista expressed his full support on the government’s intention to make Boracay fully safe and environmentally friendly. That why he asked for their passengers’ understanding as the flag carrier and the aviation industry cooperate in this multi-sectoral endeavor to revitalize boracay.

Passengers who are affected by the suspension of Kalibo and Caticlan flights have the option to rebook, reroute, or refund, and are entitled to have the penalties waived for doing so.

PAL has announced that it will scale down its services to Kalibo and Caticlan airports for six months. PAL will operate nine weekly flights between Manila and Kalibo (PR2969 and 2970) and seven (7) weekly flights (PR2041 / 2042) between Manila and Caticlan to maintain continued links to these gateways to Boracay and Aklan province.

The rest of the Caticlan and Kalibo flights from Manila will be suspended from April 20 to October 27, while flights to Caticlan from Cebu and Clark will be suspended from April 26 to October 27. However, flights to other destinations will be expanded during the six months to help ensure the continued growth of domestic tourists.

Starting April 20, PAL will deploy additional flights on routes between Manila and Cebu, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa and Bacolod:

  • 2847 / 2848 MNL-CEB-MNL DAILY
  • 2149 / 2150 MNL-ILO-MNL DAILY
  • 2789 / 2790 MNL-PPS-MNL TH
  • 2135 / 2136 MNL-BCD-MNL TH

On April 26, PAL also will increase flights with routes between Cebu and Busuanga (Coron), Cebu and Siargao as well as between Clark and Busuanga.

  • 2694 / 2695 CEB-USU-CEB DAILY
  • 2698 / 2699 CRK-USU-CRK DAILY
  • 2382 /2383 CEB-IAO-CEB DAILY

Additional flights between Cebu and Clark will be added starting April 28:

  • 2833 / 2834 CEB-CRK-CEB TU/TH/SA

And beginning May 1, the carrier will increase flights on Manila-Dumaguete and Manila-Cagayan de Oro routes:

  • 2541 / 2542 MNL-DGT-MNL DAILY
  • 2531/2532 MNL-CGY-MNL TU/WE/FRI

Cebu Pacific (CEB)

Cebu Pacific Air is also cancelling their flights plying the Caticlan-Kalibo routes from April 26 to October 25.

Affected passengers also have the option to either of the following: get a full refund, place the full value of their ticket in a travel fund for future use, rebook the flight, or reroute to any domestic destination – subject to seat availability.

Cebu Pacific also encouraged their passengers who booked through travel agents or any other third party to give their updated contact details for information on any flight changes.

Passengers can contact Cebu Pacific’s hotline at 702 8888 or for more information.


  • 5J 891/892
  • 5J 895/896
  • 5J 899/900
  • 5J 901/902
  • 5J 905/906
  • DG 6241/6242
  • DG 6243/6244
  • DG 6247/6248


  • 5J 132/133


  • DG 6298/6299


  • 5J 331/332
  • DG 6317/6318


  • 5J 339


  • 5J 413
  • 5J 415


  • 5J 416/417


  • 5J 351


  • 5J 352


  • 5J 180/181

To address the need of local residents and ensure continuity of commerce, Cebu Pacific will operate the following flights to and from Kalibo and Caticlan from April 26 to October 25, 2018:

  • 5J 337 Manila-Kalibo
  • 5J 338 Kalibo-Manila
  • DG 6245 Manila-Caticlan
  • DG 6246 Caticlan-Manila
  • DG 6272 Cebu-Caticlan
  • DG 6273 Caticlan-Cebu


Air Juan

Flight carrier AirJuan is also cancelling some of its flights bound for Caticlan from April 26 to October 25, the duration of Boracay’s temporary closure.

AirJuan passengers with confirmed bookings on the flights below are also given the option to either get a full-cash refund, a debit or credit card reversal of charges without penalties, rebooking flight schedules, and flight rerouting subject to fare difference.

Their passengers can also convert the value of their purchased ticket to a travel fund that they can use to book any AirJuan flights within one year from issuance.

Additionally, AirJuan will evaluate the need to continue the flight services beyond the closure period of Boracay based on the needs and demands of various communities.

Passengers affected by this cancellation may call Air Juan’s Reservations and Customer Service at (632) 718-8111 or email

AirJuan’s schedule changes are as follows:


  • AO2201
  • AO2202

This flight route is cancelled from June 1, to October 25:


  • AO1026
  • AO1027

The airline, however, will still operate the following scheduled flights from April 26 to March 31 in service of local communities who need to travel between islands.


  • AO1026
  • AO1027


  • AO1010
  • AO1011



In order not to disrupt AirAsia guests’ holiday plans, AirAsia will be mounting additional flights to popular leisure destinations Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, and Davao in the Philippines.

Guests who are affected by the changes and those who hold flight bookings from April 26 to October 26 will be notified via email and SMS. AirAsia urges all of their guests to keep their email address and mobile number (with country code prefix) updated in their AirAsia member profile to ensure they can reach them for timely assistance.

AirAsia will only be retaining the following flights during the six-month closure of Boracay:


  • Z2-219
  • Z2-220


  • Z2-713
  • Z2-714



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