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Petrol Prices Expected To Rollback This Tuesday

After the succeeding oil price hike, a rollback on petrol products may be coming starting Tuesday this week. The estimated rollback on the petrol products are as follows:

  • Diesel — ₱0.30 – ₱0.40 per liter
  • Gasolina — ₱0.30 – ₱ 0.40 per liter
  • Kerosene — ₱0.50 – ₱0.60 per liter

With the succeeding oil price hike for the past three weeks, diesel prices saw an increase of ₱1.90 per liter while diesel with ₱1.60. The overall price hike from January to May 5 (including the effects of the excise taxes) is estimated to be ₱8.00 for diesel and kerosene per liter and ₱7.00 for gasoline.


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