PhilHealth Premium Hike To Push Through In 2021

PhilHealth Premium Hike To Push Through In 2021

PhilHealth premium hike is still a go. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is pushing through with its premium rate adjustment in 2021. 

According to PhilHealth president and chief executive officer Dante Gierran, the adjustment necessary to finance various reforms under the Universal Health Care (UHC) Law. He added that while PhilHealth fully recognizes the current pandemic situation that is taking its toll on many businesses and livelihoods of many Filipinos, the state insurance is bound to implement the UHC Law.

Therefore, PhilHealth will implement the scheduled contribution rate and adjustment in income ceiling for 2021 to ensure sufficient funding for the healthcare benefits of its 110 million members. 

All direct contributors who are earning below ₱10,000 shall have their premium rate fixed at ₱350 per month. Those earning ₱70,000 per month or higher will remit a fixed premium contribution of ₱2,450 per month.  Those earning ₱10,000.01 to ₱69,999.99 will have to contribute 3.5 percent of their salary as a premium.

Salary rangeNew premium monthly rate
Below ₱10,000₱350
₱10,000.01 to ₱69,999.99₱3.5% of salary
₱70,000 or higher₱2,450
For your information

  • Contributions of employed members shall be equally shared between employees and employers.
  • Self-paying members, professional practitioners, land-based migrant workers, and other direct contributors with no employee-employer relationship, contributions are computed based on their monthly earnings and paid wholly by the member. 

The UHC Law will automatically cover all Filipinos into the National Health Insurance, giving everyone access to healthcare as a fundamental right. All Filipinos will have immediate eligibility upon the implementation of the said law and grant them PhilHealth benefits when they seek treatment and confinement in any accredited hospitals in the country or even overseas. 



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