Boracay beach shores

Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Win-Win Solution On Boracay’s Situation

According to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), while shutting down Boracay for at least six months may be the most practical solution to urgently address its current environmental issues, it will create unnecessary disruption of business operations of many law-abiding micro and small businesses in the island, leading to job loss of thousands of locals.

Due to this, the PCCI urged the government to conduct a three-phase rehabilitation of the world-famous Boracay to minimize unduly impact on the island’s economy. The  “win-win” solution as what the PCCI has called it suggests that three major access points to Boracay will be closed down one at a time “to gradually restore the island in phases.”

“We trust that the various concerned government agencies have done a thorough economic and social impact assessment of not just the immediate but also the medium and long-term effects of closing the island and that they will share their findings with the affected stakeholders,” the PCCI said.


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