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Philippines Mobile Internet Speed Ranks 103 Out Of 139 Countries

According to the latest Speedtest Global Index, Philippines’ average download speed for fixed broadband improved by 143.74%.

OOKLA, the web service that tracks global internet access speeds had reported that average download speed in the country went from 7.91Mbps in July 2016 to 19.28Mbps in February 2019.

Meanwhile, the average download mobile broadband speed saw an improvement of 94.35%, going from 7.44Mbps in July 2016 to 14.46Mbps in February 2019.

Despite the significant improvements, the country’s average mobile internet download speed of 15.06 Megabits per second was far below the global average of 26.12 Mbps, ABS-CBN reports.

The index shows that in terms of mobile internet speed, the Philippines ranks 103rd among 139 surveyed countries, whereas in terms of fixed line internet, the country ranked 101st among 179.

Globally, Singapore came up tops for fixed-line internet, registering average speeds of 199.77 Mbps.

In order to ensure a continued push towards global competitiveness, the government is working on rolling out the third major telco player to provide the added boost for domestic internet speed and bring about better pricing for consumers.

MISLATEL, the new major telco player which is a joint venture between Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy and China Telecom hopes to challenge the current domination of this sector by PLDT and Globe.


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