Did You Know? Poor Vision Is Considered As A Disability In The Philippines

Did You Know? Poor Vision Is Considered As A Disability In The Philippines

Individuals who have poor eyesight but not completely visually impaired are actually eligible for a PWD ID.  A news report in ABS-CBN’s late night news, Bandila, has shed some light on this matter, to raise awareness on individuals who may be struggling with poor eyesight.  

Obtaining a PWD status and ID will grant individuals the benefits and privileges of persons with disability according to RA 9442 and 10754.

While there was no mention of the exact vision grade to qualify for a PWD status, according to Organization for Pinoys With Disabilities, Inc., there is no set grade that is considered to be the threshold that separates the disabled from the non-disabled.

However, DOH specialists in the PDAO (persons with disabilities affairs office) in respective town or city halls have a set protocol for determining who is visually impaired and who can qualify for a PWD ID based on visual acuity, or the lack of it.

If the applicant’s eyes are discernible to be blind, then the individual need not bring a clinical abstract to prove the disability, they just need to present their government-issued ID. Meanwhile, those who have impaired eyesight that can still be remedied with eyeglasses only a medical certificate from their ophthalmologist with a clearance of functional limitation due to poor eyesight will be required, together with their valid ID. 
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