3 Practical Tips for Using Credit Cards when Shopping Online

shopping online has removed the image of a girl carrying too many paper bagsOnline Shopping is a most convenient and gratifying activities for most of the Filipinos. A variety of clothes, dresses and other accessories can be bought at affordable, discounted prices, using credit cards as the main payment method. However, if you don’t utilize your credit card wisely, you may end up in a financial mess. Take these tips to heart and avoid that mess altogether:

#1 Use One or Two Credit Cards Only

Utilizing two or more credit cards for online shopping can lead to difficulties in tracking and summing up all of your online procurements. Select 1-2 cards, which you understand well, and give you the best rates and rewards. Also, keep a close eye on fraudulent transactions on these cards.

#2 Utilize the Credit Card with the Lowest Interest Rates

This may sound like common sense, but this strategy is often taken for granted. By choosing the credit card with the lowest interest rate, you would at least avoid heavy interest charges in the (hopefully rare) event that you cannot pay your bills on time.

#3 Send Payments within the Interest Free Period

Most banks don’t charge you interest for a period of between 15-30 days. This is known as the Interest Free Period. To avert heavy interest charges, try as often as possible to pay the amount owing within the said time frame. If this is not done, interest charges on your credit cards will easily accumulate. The best way to ensure you are able to pay these bills on time is to always spend within your limits.

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