President Marcos Enacts Regional Specialty Centers Act

President Marcos Enacts Regional Specialty Centers Act


President Marcos has signed the Regional Specialty Centers Act, focusing on specialized healthcare centers across regions. The Act empowers the Department of Health to establish centers catering to critical areas such as cancer care and cardiovascular treatment, marking a significant step towards enhanced healthcare services.

President Marcos has officially signed Republic Act No. 11959, popularly identified as the Regional Specialty Centers Act.

This legislation is set to revolutionize healthcare access by underscoring the establishment of specialized healthcare centers within each region.

The responsibility for developing these centers rests with the Department of Health (DOH). DOH is charged with the centers setup across various regions’ hospitals.

Providing specialized care in the bigger healthcare landscape

These centers will cover a broad spectrum of medical needs, ranging from cancer care, cardiovascular treatments, and lung ailments to kidney transplants, neurological care, trauma, and burn treatments.

The legislation introduces a crucial categorization of these centers into three tiers:

  • national specialty centers (NSCs)
  • advanced comprehensive specialty centers (ACSCs)
  • basic comprehensive specialty centers (BCSCs

This is in alignment with the Philippine Health Facility Development Plan.

The process of establishing these centers is underlined by a commitment to adhering to DOH guidelines. This include evaluating the service capabilities of hospitals, responding to regional health demands, and enhancing accessibility to these specialized facilities.

Following publication in the Official Gazette or a newspaper of general circulation, the law will come into effect 15 days later.

Unified bipartisan initiative

This Act is borne out of the harmonization of Senate Bill No. 2212 and House Bill No. 7751. The Act stands as a testament to a unified bipartisan initiative to fortify the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

The comprehensive title, “An Act Establishing Specialty Centers in Department of Health Hospitals in Every Region and in Government-owned or -Controlled Corporation Specialty Hospitals and Appropriating Funds Therefor,” underscores its all-encompassing scope.

As this law ushers in a new era, the Philippines is poised for a healthcare landscape characterized by specialization and enhanced accessibility.

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