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Richest Senators in Philippines 2016

Once again it’s that time of the year where the Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN) for politicians and public servants are made available to the public. So before the new administration steps in, this would be the best time to find out the declared net worth of our current senators and who among them are the richest in the group. Last year, we have prepared a similar list of the richest senators for 2015 and same for this year, we’ve updated the numbers so you can easily check and compare who ranks on top.

Cynthia Villar is still the richest senator in the Philippines, with a declared net worth of ₱3,500,565,480 in her 2015 SALN (Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth). That’s 43.34% higher than her declared net worth of ₱1,983,480,135 the previous year. She is the only senator who has reached billionaire status mainly due to the family’s real estate business and investments in stocks.

Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Rector claims the spot for the second richest senator in the Philippines with a net worth of ₱531 million, up by ₱9 million from his SALN of 2014. The third richest senator is Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos at ₱211 million from the previous year’s ₱200 million.

The fourth spot goes to the currently detained senator Jinggoy Estrada who has a declared net worth of ₱193 million, just a million pesos richer from his SALN of 2014. Trailing not so far behind at the fifth spot is Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. with a declared net worth of ₱173 million, whom at the moment is also detained due to plunder charges, but was still able to increase his net worth by ₱11 million from the previous year.

The oldest, and outgoing Juan Ponce Enrile is the sixth richest senator with a declared net worth of ₱122 million, only a million pesos richer this year compared to last year. Sonny Angara follows close behind at the seventh spot, with a net worth of ₱118 million, an ₱18 million increase from his 2014 SALN. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III has ₱103 million to his name and gets the eight spot. That’s down ₱10 million from his last SALN.

Sergio Osmena III is at the ninth spot with a net worth of ₱90 million. That’s down ₱10 million from his SALN of 2014. Grace Poe maintains her net worth of ₱89 million and clinches the tenth spot in the list of this year’s richest senators in the Philippines.

Miriam Defensor Santiago is up this year with a net worth of ₱85 million from her previous ₱73 million. The good senator is ₱12 million richer even if she lost her 2016 presidential bid. She is followed by Franklin Drilon, with a declared net worth of ₱79 million from his ₱73 million previously.

JV Ejercito has a declared net worth of ₱78 million this year, just a ₱3 million increase from his last SALN. Pia Cayetano maintains her net worth of ₱73 million and lands at the fourteenth spot this year. Vicente “Tito” Sotto III holds the fifteenth spot with a declared net worth of ₱66 million, up by just ₱2 million from his last SALN.

Nancy Binay has a declared net worth of ₱61 million from ₱62 million previously. Lito Lapid is up at ₱43.1 million from his previous ₱33 million — a ₱10.1 million increase in his total assets, liabilities, and net worth. Loren Legarda has ₱40.5 million; Bam Aquino, ₱28.7 million; Alan Cayetano, ₱23 million; Gringo Honasan, ₱20.9 million; and Aquilino Pimentel III, ₱17.9 million.

At the bottom of the list with almost the same figures are Antonio Trillanes IV with ₱5.9 million, from his previous ₱5.5 million, and Chiz Escudero, with a declared net worth of ₱5.8 million from his previous ₱6 million. Escudero has not included assets and liabilities of his wife, actress and painter Heart Evangelista.

Top 10 Richest Senators in the Philippines for 2016

  1. Cynthia Villar – ₱3.5 billion (₱1.98 billion in 2014)

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  2. Ralph Recto – ₱531 million (₱522 million in 2014)

    ralph recto image

  3. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos – ₱211 million (₱200.5 million in 2014)

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  4. Jinggoy Estrada – ₱193 million (₱192.8 billion in 2014)

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  5. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. – ₱173 million (₱161.9 million in 2014)

    bong revilla image

  6. Juan Ponce Enrile – ₱122 million (₱121.1 million in 2014)

    juan ponce enrile image

  7. Sonny Angara – ₱118 million (₱100.4 million in 2014)

    sonny angara image

  8. Teofisto Guingona III – ₱103 million (₱113.4 million in 2014)

    teofisto guingona jr image

  9. Sergio Osmena – ₱90 million (₱100.7 million in 2014)

    serge osmena image

  10. Grace Poe – ₱89 million (₱89.5 million in 2014)

    grace poe image

    Here’s the rest of the list:

  11. Miriam Defensor Santiago – ₱85 million (₱73 million in 2014)
  12. Franklin Drilon – ₱79 million (₱73.1 million in 2014)
  13. Joseph Victor Ejercito – ₱78 million (₱75.5 million in 2014)
  14. Pia Cayetano – ₱73 million (₱73.4 million in 2014)
  15. Vicente Sotto III – ₱66 million (₱64.3 million in 2014)
  16. Nancy Binay – ₱61 million (₱62.6 million in 2014)
  17. Manuel Lapid – ₱43.1 million (₱33.8 million in 2014)
  18. Loren Legarda – ₱40.5 million (₱39.7 million in 2014)
  19. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV – ₱28.7 million (₱24.5 million in 2014)
  20. Alan Peter Cayetano – ₱23 million (₱23.3 million in 2014)
  21. Gregorio Honasan II – ₱20.9 million (₱21.2 million in 2014)
  22. Aquilino Pimentel III – ₱17.9 million (₱18.0 million in 2014)
  23. Antonio Trillanes IV – ₱5.9 million (₱5.5 million in 2014)
  24. Francis Escudero – ₱5.8 million (₱6.0 million in 2014)

If you’re wondering how they were able to amass this amount of wealth, you can find out more on how much do Philippine politicians earn.

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