The Richest Senators In The Philippines

The 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth for politicians and public servants are now available for anyone to view. So if you were wondering how much your senators are worth, now’s the perfect time to find out. And to make life easier for you, we’ve collected the important information right here.

Cynthia Villar once again tops the list as the only billionaire, having a net worth of almost P2 billion pesos, which is almost four times more than the net worth of the second-placed senator in the list, Ralph Recto. In fact, if you added up the net worth of the rest of the senators in the top 10, they’d still have less than her — P1.62 billion versus Villar’s P1.98 billion! Her P357 million gain over the last year alone worth more than almost every other senator’s net worth.

The three senators charged for pocketing funds from the Priority Development Assistance Fund, namely Jinggoy Estrada, Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., and Juan Ponce Enrile, are among the top 10 richest senators, with Estrada highest among the three at P192.8 million. Enrile even enjoyed an increase in his net worth as opposed to 2013.

On the other end of the spectrum, Antonio Trillanes remains the “poorest” senator, with only P5.5 million net worth. Francis Escudero and Aquilino Pimentel III round out the bottom three, with P6 million and P18 million respectively.

As for losses, Grace Poe took the biggest hit, losing almost P60 million of her net worth due to her taking her inherited properties from her father off her assets. Despite this, she stays among the top 10 richest senators. The next biggest loser is Sergio Osmeña III, who lost around P14 million of his 2013 net worth. Nancy Binay, despite allegations of ill-gotten wealth against her family, only has a net worth of P62.5 million and even suffered a P1.2 million loss in 2014 according to her SALN.

Some of the decreases in net worth can be attributed to new rules from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) ordering them not to declare donated or inherited properties in their SALN.

Overall, 15 senators saw an increase in their net worth, and 9 senators suffered decreases.

The Top 10 Richest Senators in the Philippines

1. Cynthia Villar – P1.98 billion (P1.63 billion in 2013)

cynthia villar

Photo: Public Relations and Information Bureau (PRIB), Senate of the Philippines (via PRIB Facebook)

2. Ralph Recto – P522.0 million (P496.9 million in 2013)

ralph recto

Photo: Cesar Tomambo (via PRIB Facebook)

3. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. – P200.5 million (P197.5 million in 2013)

bongbong marcos

Photo: PRIB Facebook

4. Jinggoy Estrada – P192.8 million (P195 million in 2013)

jinggoy estrada

Photo: Estrada’s official website

5. Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. – P161.9 million (P166.7 million in 2013)

bong revilla

Photo: Wikipedia

6. Juan Ponce Enrile – P121.1 million (P119.4 million in 2013)

juan ponce enrile

Photo: Voltaire Domingo (via Enrile’s official site)

7. Teofisto Guingona III – P113.4 million (P114.9 million in 2013)

tg guingona

Photo: Guingona’s official Facebook page

8. Sergio Osmeña III – P100.7 million (P114.3 million in 2013)

serge osmena

Photo: Osmeña’s official Facebook page

9. Juan Edgardo Angara – P100.4 million (P97.8 million in 2013)

sonny angara

Photo: Angara’s official Facebook page

10. Grace Poe – P89.5 million (P148.9 million in 2013)

grace poe

Photo: Poe’s official Facebook page

The rest of the list:

  1. Joseph Victor Ejercito – P75.5 million (P73.9 million in 2013)
  2. Pia Cayetano – P73.4 million (P73.3 million in 2013)
  3. Franklin Drilon – P73.1 million (P58.1 million in 2013)
  4. Miriam Defensor Santiago – P73.0 million (P76.7 million in 2013)
  5. Vicente Sotto III – P64.3 million (P63.9 million in 2013)
  6. Nancy Binay – P62.6 million (P63.8 million in 2013)
  7. Loren Legarda – P39.7 million (P41.4 million in 2013)
  8. Manuel Lapid – P33.8 million (P30.0 million in 2013)
  9. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV – P24.5 million (P20.5 million in 2013)
  10. Alan Peter Cayetano – P23.3 million (P21.7 million in 2013)
  11. Gregorio Honasan II – P21.2 million (P20.9 million in 2013)
  12. Aquilino Pimentel III – P18.0 million (P16.9 million in 2013)
  13. Francis Escudero – P6.0 million (P8.2 million in 2013)
  14. Antonio Trillanes IV – P5.5 million (P4.9 million in 2013)

(Values may be slightly inaccurate due to rounding.)

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