How To Save Money on Health Insurance

shutterstock_126278567Having to pay for health insurance is already a financial sacrifice a Filipino has to do in order for him to be financially afloat whenever a crisis could happen.  Although it is also inevitable that rising prices are inevitable to every consumer good that is on the market, so this would only mean the more premiums you have to pay for your health insurance and the more you have to tighten your belt just to save yourself from that rainy day. Here are some tips you can save money on health insurance.

  1. Pay Annually. One word, discounted. Many people do not know that by actually paying annually on their insurance premiums they are saving at least 10% for their insurances. If you can’t afford it in one go, by all means try to afford it because you are saving yourself a lot of money that you can use for anything else.
  2. Ask for A Group Quotation. Getting a group together with the same age bracket and same health conditions as you are the best way to utilize this tip, basically you have to power to ask for a discount since it always good business for all parties involved if a lot of customers would naturally use their services.
  3. Have A Healthy Lifestyle. This would lessen the coverage you will be needing and the less coverage you need, the lesser the premiums you have to pay. Start walking if your house is near to the office, go for a run, play some sports with friends and family members. Keep yourself fit.
  4. Consider Getting A Different Insurance for Some Family Members. One thing to consider is also getting the younger and older ones in the family their separate insurance. The premiums you pay are actually based on the risk profiles that each person has on the group insurance, so normally, you may be paying more than you should be. And perhaps getting health insurance separately for them is less costly.
  5. Get an Insurance Broker. An insurance broker knows what he is doing and can definitely help you choose the right health insurance that you need. Insurance brokers are certified by an exam to exercise diligence when handling clients and the perfect independent eye that you need in getting that health insurance unlike an agent who pushes the product to you.
  6. Maybe You Don’t Need Optional Benefits. Start brushing your teeth regularly and avoid sweets that produce cavities or make your gums bleed. You can save a lot by removing these optional benefits by just doing a preventive care all by yourself. Savings are a minimum of 4000/year.

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