Shopping is an art. And much like any art, shopping requires discipline. From the instant you step into a store, sharp senses tell you where the best deals are, and when to buy because timing is also crucial, of course. On days when the price of big ticket items drop, that’s when you attack.

Be it for fashion, gadgets, appliances, or groceries, get your sass on, and check out our checklist to find out if you SHOP SAVVY or NOT.

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1. Do you weigh all options before purchasing anything?

You spend countless hours visiting different stores and online shops to compare prices (along with the freebies) because you’ll hate when you suddenly find your best friend with a similar item bought for less! You canvas everything, both items and services, and know when to go for it if your budget allows the stretch, and when to hold back to wait for a better deal.

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2. Are you able to resist impulse buying?

You’re able to tune out your inner voice and and turn off your ‘must buy’ trigger whenever a tempting item falls within radar. This doesn’t mean you skip buying items you suddenly see. But you’re able to discern whether you actually need to make the purchase, and turn that impulse into a meditated decision.

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3. Do you make a list of what you need?

A checklist keeps you from being sidetracked when doing your groceries or buying other essentials because you don’t want to forget the necessities in lieu of things you grabbed between aisles on whim.

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4. Do you make a budget and stick to it?

You know when money is tight or how much you can allow for little indulges. You buy smart and craft your battle plan to make every peso count. You may slip up every now and then, but you know how to easily recover and make do with what you have until your next paycheck.

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5. Do you take advantage of promos and discounts?

You’ve signed up for store alerts, stalk deals website and stockpile newspaper and magazine clippings (whether printed or virtual) about sale dates and special offers, and jot them down on your calendar so you won’t miss a single deal around the city. Of course, this is a little extreme, but yes, it counts. At the very least, you know when your go-to grocer and favorite brands go on sale, and make it a point to schedule your shopping trip on those days.

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6. Do you scrutinize products for nicks and cracks before buying?

Unless you’re buying a stained shirt on a discount, as we’ve mentioned before, you’re losing cash every time you make a faulty buy. With big ticket items especially, you examine every word on a warranty and ask the salesperson on your options if you suddenly find problems.

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7. Do you calculate how much each item you put into your cart costs?

Mental math or your phone’s calculator in one hand, nothing slips your scrutiny until you’ve computed how much the next item adds up to your total. So when you walk to the cashier with cart or basket in tow, you know exactly how much you pay, and always stay within budget.

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8. Know when to skip or when to splurge?

You know when to chip in extra for quality items which lasts much longer. A good quality product over a poorly made one can save you years from buying a replacement. Other luxury items, such as watches or jewelry, can be passed as heirloom pieces which your family can even enjoy for generations to come. Any item, despite the hefty price tag, which appreciates in time is always sound investment.

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9. Are you a natural haggler?

Do vendors cower at the sound of your voice? Maybe not, but you’re confident you can hold your own during a haggling match. The marketplace and holiday tiangges are your arena. And discounts are your sweetest victories.


If you answered yes to most of these items, congratulations! You shop with intent and direction, and you’re not easily swayed by tricks. You have a nose for discounts and you aren’t contented unless you’ve saved a couple of pesos with every spend. However, you also know you can save even more when you invest on quality here and there. You know from experience when you see a good deal because there’s no denying you’re a SAVVY SHOPPER.

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