6 Reasons You Should Get A Credit Card Now

credit cards in supermarketCredit cards over the past few decades have accumulated a bad reputation. The media has in some way resented the way it operates and gave out opinions on why one should not get a credit card. You may have even heard from your parents that getting credit cards will not help you in any way. Well here are some benefits you are getting from a credit card.

1. Safety reasons.

Nowadays, even bringing P5, 000.00 in your wallet is considered unsafe in the modern metro; you will never know when a thief would strike. With a credit card, you can just use it as a substitute for cash.

2. Credit cards can boost credibility.

Did you recently applied for a postpaid plan or a personal loan? Did you notice one of the questions asking if you have credit cards? Normally companies and banks would ask about this information to know if you pay timely so that they assess as to what amount they can let you borrow. Banks and other companies need to have a level of confidence before they can let you any credit.


You may have noticed a lot of partner establishments get connected credit cards like restaurants, hotels, gas companies and apparel. For example, with a BDO credit card, it has partnered with Bench, Forever 21, and the like to give out discounts and deals if you purchased on that store with a BDO credit card.

4. Cashback feature.

Simply put, when you use your credit card for groceries and utilities, a percentage of the amount spent will be your savings. To know more about your options on which one gives the best rates, check our list of best cashback credit cards in the Philippines.

5. Rewards feature.

For every peso spent a corresponding point is earned and you can use these points for future purchases and some you can use it even for getting flight tickets. For example, BPI credit card teamed up with Delta Air Lines, with this BPI credit card it targets frequent flyers so that whenever a flight ticket is purchased mile rewards are doubled. You can check your options for best credit card rewards in the Philippines.

6. Buying overseas.

You cannot bring too much cash if you plan to shop overseas. Instead of using a debit card which usually has a high bank fee when withdrawing, a credit card has a minimal transaction fee ranging from 0.5% to 2%.

Contrary to popular belief, credit cards can actually do more good than bad if used for the right things and well… properly. Here at iMoney Philippines we always believe that the best way to stay away from credit card debt is still paying your credit card bill in full each and every month. Interested in getting a credit card? Know your options with our comparison table and compare credit cards in the Philippines to find which one matches your need. Don’t worry its free!

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