5 Side Hustles For Extra Money

Side Hustles

In this volatile job market, it never hurts to have a plan B. Side hustles for extra money can help you feel financially secure just in case things go south at work, and to try out new ideas and ventures that you can’t at your regular 9 to 5 job. By engaging in side hustles, you can make money on your own terms with an activity you love, while not sacrificing the stability of your day job. You also get a head start on entrepreneurship, should you decide to convert your side hustle into a full-time business.

We’ve found five side hustles for extra money you can engage in right now. As the saying goes, make hay while the sun is shining, so take on these side hustles while you have a lot of time to spare:

  1. Writing. Can you write a sentence well? Then you should look into freelance writing as a possible side hustle. Some of the top sites for would-be freelance writers are Elance, oDesk, and Freelancer where you can create a profile and apply for jobs. You can earn anywhere from $10 – $100 an hour, or a per-project rate. And because these sites give you access to opportunities worldwide, you can greatly expand your customer base and earn higher rates than locally. If you’d prefer to stay local, many print and online publications welcome freelance writers; find a publication you’d like to write for, and ask around if they’re looking for contributors. These jobs pay a certain rate per article.
  2. Tutoring. Are you really good at math, or know another language? Or maybe you excel at taking those college entrance tests. Then hire your services out as a private tutor. Depending on your subject and market, you could charge anywhere from P100 an hour to P1,000. If your English skills (and internet connection) are excellent, you could also look into home-based online English tutoring, which you can do at your convenience.
  3. Photography. Sure, everybody with a smartphone and Instagram filters fancies themselves a photographer these days. But if you’ve got the DSLRs and the spare time, level up by taking certification courses such as those offered by the Philippine Centre for Creative Imaging, and hire out your services as a legit photographer when you’re not at your day job.
  4. Freelance design. Artistically inclined, but not getting to exercise your talents at your 9 to 5? Give freelance designing a try. Online marketplaces like 99designs or crowdSPRING post jobs that can include designing logos, websites, package graphics, prints, and T-shirts. You can bid for jobs and enter design contests on these sites.
  5. Part-time hotelier. If you have a spare room, or even just a living room you can throw a couple of mattresses in, you can rent it out on sites like Airbnb or Roomorama to tourists. According to Airbnb, the average Metro Manila host makes about P3,314 a month by renting out a spare room (average Cebu hosts make P7,210), and you could make much more depending on the rates you charge, the quality of your space, and the number of Airbnb-ers you can accommodate.

Remember, before embarking on side hustles for extra money, check that you’re not violating the contract you signed with your current employer. But if you’re in the clear, happy hustling! And if you have other ideas for side hustles, let us know in the comments.

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