KODEGO And BillEase Join Forces To Empower IT Education

KODEGO And BillEase Join Forces To Empower IT Education

KODEGO, a leading Filipino study-now-pay-later EdTech company, has teamed up with BillEase, a popular consumer finance app, to unveil a groundbreaking solution for local learners seeking IT education.

This innovative partnership offers learners easy access to competitive IT courses through interest-free and cardless installments. With BillEase’s user-friendly finance options, learners can make a minimal upfront payment and conveniently split the remaining amount, making IT education more accessible and flexible than ever before.

Cristina Gervasio, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at KodeGo, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “We believe that everyone should have access to education. With our partnership with BillEase, we can empower Filipinos with more affordable options to pursue their education and create a better future.

KODEGO’s comprehensive bootcamps cater to beginners, upskillers, and career shifters, equipping them with critical and highly sought-after IT skills. The collaboration also includes company-matching support, propelling learners’ IT careers to new heights.

This strategic alliance aligns with the companies’ shared objective of bridging the skills gap in the Philippines and ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of financial constraints.

Through this partnership, KODEGO and BillEase are transforming the landscape of IT education in the Philippines, empowering learners to embrace the world of technology and unlock a wealth of opportunities.

By making quality education more accessible and affordable, this initiative will play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter and more promising future for aspiring IT professionals in the country.

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