Top 6 Workshops for Kids This Summer Season

Top 6 Workshops for Kids This Summer Season

Summer in the Philippines is one of the best times for children. Every day is a fresh chance to play as much as you want, go on excursions with your family, and not worry about going to school. If you’re a parent, you know how important it is for kids to enjoy this time – but you also want to make sure that the whole summer just does not pass by in a sweaty blur for your kids. You can make it educational for them, with these top summer workshops for children.

1. Swimming

Swimming lessons are the best way to let your kids enjoy summer while also teaching them an important life skill. The Philippines is a treasure trove of more than 7,000 islands, and your children will thank you for the rest of their lives when you give them the tool that they need to have as much fun as possible on the waters of our archipelago.

There are plenty of providers of swimming lessons, and their prices differ according to the structure of the class, as well as its inclusions. For instance, some swimming classes take on a streamlined approach to teaching swimming to kids, while others are gentler and more accommodating.

As a general rule of thumb, a swimming course for the summer starts from ₱1,500 to ₱2,500 per session. They may vary from school to school though, and the following list should give you a good idea of the range of options available:

Aqualogic Swimco

They are a group of Aquatic Educators from various swimming backgrounds dedicated to high-quality and personalized swimming instruction using the latest and most effective teaching methods.

Group Lessons (1 instructor : 5 students)
# of lessons2x a weekOnce a week

Private Lessons (1 instructor:1 student)
# of lessons2x a weekOnce a week

Ace Water Spa Indoor Heated Pool

Ace Water Spa is an indoor pool facility that has numerous branches across the metro. They also offer swimming classes for adults and kids all throughout the year. This summer season, these are their rates:

Branch: San Francisco Cor. Del Monte and Banawe Sts., Quezon City

For members
My Baby & Me ₱5,500
Kids Programs₱5,500
Adult Programs₱5,500
Special Abilities Program₱5,500
Note: One-on-one classes will depend on the availability of teachers

Branch – Rockwell Leisure Club (Outdoor Pool)

For members
My Baby & Me ₱5,500
Kids Programs₱5,500
Adult Programs₱5,500
Special Abilities Program₱5,500
Note: One-on-one classes will depend on the availability of teachers
My Baby & Me ₱5,500
Kids Programs₱5,500
Adult Programs₱5,500
Special Abilities Program₱5,500
Annual Registration fee₱500
Note: One-on-one classes will depend on the availability of teachers
For non-members

2. Ballet/Dance

Have you ever noticed your child busting out a freestyle move to a beat or twirling in pirouettes on tippy toes? You may have a natural dancer waiting to blossom! Ballet classes and other dance classes are available from a wide range of dance studios and schools throughout the country – and they are best suited for children! Most dance classes are foundational and only progress in skills and complexity over time, so starting your child off young will equip them for more lessons later!

Even if your child does not exhibit outward signs of being a dancer, you can still encourage the skill! Ballet and other dance workshops do not only teach your child to be more artistic, they are also great at molding confidence and personality.

Prices vary according to the studio or school that offers the dance, the number of classes in the course, and the skill level of the dancer. Other studios or schools also stage a summer recital at the end of the course, which can help the child apply everything that he or she has learned and perform for family and friends. Prepare at least ₱9,000 for a summer workshop in dance.

For reference, these establishments are good places to start if you’re looking into enrolling your kid for a dance or ballet workshop this summer.

Ballet Manila

This is the leading classical dance company in the Philippines. Established in February 1995 by 12 young dancers led by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Osias Barroso with the guidance of Eric V. Cruz, the ultimate goal is to “bring ballet to the people and people to the ballet”. They have branches in Quezon City and Pasay.

Rates are as follows:

ACTS Dance And Arts Academy

ACTS Dance and Arts Academy previously known as ACTS Workshops has been in the industry for over twelve years, offering dance and fitness classes in Manila for all ages. They offer some of the most comprehensive lists of dance classes in the city, from modern jazz to hip-hop, there’s basically a wide range of options for everyone to learn from.

Summer season is especially a jam-packed season in ACTS as they have lined up daily classes for kids who desire to learn a move or two during their school vacation.

The rates and schedule are as follows:

You can visit their website for more information:

3. Sports Clinics

Like dancing, sports instill good virtues in children – such as those of discipline, hard work, perseverance, and commitment. Additionally, they help your children in forging relationships with teammates and coaches, learning to be competitive, as well as accepting defeats and setbacks, while celebrating victories and triumphs when they can. Sports clinics are among the best platforms for these, as they are patterned after formal sports programs in many institutions and can give your child the foundation that they need to start, get better, and excel in sports.

There are a variety of programs to choose from, with the most popular being basketball. Some are free, while others come with a registration fee. Prices generally start from ₱1,500, depending on the venue of the program, as well as the specific coverage.

If you’re interested to get your child into sports, the following summer workshops will be the perfect opportunity for you to do so:

Milo sports clinic

Milo holds a sports clinic all over the Philippines during summer season annually. The MILO® Summer Sports Clinics is now on its 36th year, as they teach participants the fundamentals of popular sports and values such as discipline, confidence, and teamwork to help them become more well-rounded individuals.

The program now offers 19 different sports programs handled by expert coaches and notable sports organizations, and will be held across 700 locations in the Philippines.

Fees and registration

The event is free for all and registration form can be downloaded online. Simply contact the organizer in your respective city based on the information that they provided together with your form.

You can start by visiting their website for the registration form: 

First San Miguel Balesin Summer Camp

The first ever sports camp lead by San Miguel Corporation (SMC) dubbed as San Miguel Balesin Summer Sports Camp. The event speaks of the commitment of both San Miguel and Alphaland for the development of Filipino athletes and starting them at a very young age, according to Alphaland Chief Operating Officer Michael Asperin in his opening remarks.

Just like the ever famous Milo Sports Camp, this event will provide kids aged eight to 18 an avenue to learn and hone their skills in any of the four sports offered–basketball, tennis, baseball, and soccer. The best part about this event is that the coaches will be some of the country’s top athletes.

Each participant will stay at the island for five days and four nights to discover, learn, and train in their chosen sports. They will also be given a chance to try other recreational activities the island offers including beach volleyball, archery, kayaking, and biking.

This is a premium sports camp that will be manned by some famous athletes and will be held in an exclusive island. The registration comes with free airfare, 5 days 4 nights accommodation, and meals all throughout the period of the sports camp.

For your information

Registration fee: ₱160,0000 all-inclusive package.

You can visit this website for more information: 

Spalding basketball camp

A no-nonsense basketball school in Metro Manila which was founded in 2002 by basketball players Charlier Favis and Bobby Parks (an American who plays for a Philippine Basketball team). They also do charity clinics to provide kids from poverty-stricken areas in the region to learn basketball. They also hold our camps in various schools, arenas, and even malls.

This summer season, they are hosting a basketball camp in Quezon City for kids ages 5 to 18 years old.

For your information

Registration fee is only ₱2,499 with free ball, jersey, bag, and towel.

For more information, you can inquire through their facebook page: 

4. Art, Crafts, Other Creative Pursuits

If your child is more of a creative type than an athletic one, art camps, theatre or drama classes, as well as role-playing business workshops, might be the answer.

There are plenty of things to learn from, including painting, drawing, comic illustration, fashion design, sculpture, and even animation. Skill levels are also arranged according to beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Most of them last longer than an hour per session, and sessions usually reach up to 10 or so times for the whole summer.

Pricing is set based on the type of workshop that your kid will enroll in, but the usual range is between ₱10,000 to ₱12,000. These fees include all the materials that the course will require over the course of the summer.

You can take your kids to these art classes this summer:

Ateneo Art Gallery

With workshops led by emerging visual artists, the Ateneo Art Gallery Kids Art Camp will offer kids the opportunity to experiment with different forms of media while learning more about the Philippine contemporary art scene!


April 4, Thurs – Collage with Jel Suarez

April 5, Fri – Cyanotype with Issay Rodriguez

April 10, Wed – Acrylic Painting with Pope Bacay

April 11, Thurs – Sculpture with Veronica Pee

April 12, Fri – Textile Art with Nicole Tee

April 13, Sat – Culminating Activity (Participants for all workshops are encouraged to attend)

AM SESSION (9am-12nn) for ages 5-10

PM SESSION (2pm-5pm) for ages 11-16


visit for more information

CIIT College of Arts and Technology

This institution is a full-fledged learning institute that provides digital media courses for artists and aspiring artists. This summer season, they’ll be holding a summer workshop for kids for the following multimedia program:

  • 2D Game Design
  • 3D Animation Character Design
  • Robotics

2D and 3D Game Design – ₱18,000.00 / participant

Robotics – ₱20,000 / participant

5. Theater/Dramatic Arts

image from

Theater and acting workshops are also available for children of all ages, as well as other creative pursuits such as upcycling or shadow play! These workshops are usually available as an all-in package, so your children can study whatever they want and choose from several options.

They may switch it up if they want, or focus on one craft for the duration of the course. It can get pricey, but many parents feel like the general fee of about ₱20,000 is worth it, when considered in the light of the development of their children’s habits and personalities.

Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)

They are one of the country’s pioneer theater groups and they are opening up their stage for the exciting sunny days ahead with their annual PETA’s Workshop Express coming this April. Their workshop schedules are especially designed for the young ones looking for a creative way to spend their vacation and busy adults in need of an exciting break for them from school or work.

Their rates and classes and as follows:

  • Children’s theater 1 (for 6 – 8 years old) – ₱10,000
  • Children’s theater 2 (for 9 – 12 years old) – ₱10,000
  • Teen theater (13-17 years old) – ₱10,000
  • Creative musical theater for children (9- 12 years old) – ₱10,000
  • Creative musical theater for teens (13- 17 years old) – ₱10,000
  • Theater arts (18 years old and above) – ₱11,000
  • Basic acting (18 years old and above) – ₱11,000
  • Creative musical theater (18 years old and above) – ₱11,000

You can visit their website for more details: 

6. Mini Managers Camp/Kiddie Crew

If you want something that is less structured but still fun for your child, you don’t have to go further than their favorite fast food chain! Jollibee and McDonald’s offers summer on-the-job training to children, through their Mini Managers Camp and Kiddie Crew workshops. Also, these teach other formative lessons to participants, such as arts and crafts, dancing, and other talent workshops.

These usually cost below ₱1,000 per child, inclusive of accessories such as uniform, as well as other workshop essentials like activity materials, meals for the duration of the course, and camp bags.

To give you an idea, these two biggest food chains in the country have opened their registration for their summer workshop this year!

McDonald’s kiddie crew

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 2019 will run from April 8 to July 7, 2019, and it’s open for kids 7 to 12 years old. McDonald’s has two types of workshop for kids: The weekday workshop and the weekend workshop.

Weekday workshop will 2 hours every day for 5 days while the weekend workshop is only during Saturday and Sunday (2 days) and will be 3 hours each.

Their rates as follows

5-day weekday workshop – ₱695

2-day weekend workshop – ₱ 595

The fees are inclusive of the workshop materials, daily meals, and workshop uniform (t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lanyard).

You can visit their website for more details:

Jollibee mini managers camp 2019

Jollibee’s mini-manager camp includes exposure to Jollibee’s store practices, value, arts and crafts, Yumburger and ice cream making, and talent showcase. It’s a 6-day workshop for kids from Mondays to Sundays, and it will run from April 1 to May 31, 2019.

Their rates as follows

Participation fee – ₱650

This already includes 1 set of Mini Managers Uniform (w/ Name Plate), Camp Bag, Snacks for 6 days, and other activity materials.

To choose the best one for your child, it helps to have a sit-down talk and ask your daughter or son for input. Letting them choose on their own can help them set the path that they want for themselves, and prepare to commit to it.

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