Take Power Over Your Credit Card Spending [Infographic]





So you want a credit card. You’ve done your research, figured out how much you can spend, and you plan to pay off your bill in full every time. But what if something happens and you can’t pay in full for one month? You might be afraid to use your card at all after that because you’re worried that interest will be stacked on your leftover balance AND your new purchases, too.

Thankfully, there’s a way to lessen the burden on you and your wallet. Simply choose the card that calculates interest differently, and you’ll pay less interest. In this infographic, we explain how BPI Express Credit computes your monthly interest differently from other banks, so more of your money can go towards things you care about, rather than just paying it on interest. You don’t have to stop yourself from spending any more — read this infographic to see how you can use your card worry-free:

BPI Credit Cards Infographic

Choose which expenses you spend the most on and find out which BPI credit card is right for you.

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