Tech Industry Opening New Doors To Employment Market

Tech Industry Opening New Doors To Employment Market

In an interview on Thursday with IBM Philippines, they have said that the Philippine employment landscape is rapidly changing due to digitalization. Due to this, the most in-demand workers are now in “new collar jobs” instead of the traditional blue and white collar jobs. These new collar jobs have basically led to “brain gain” in the country.

IBM Philippines president and country general manager Aileen Judan-Jiao also explained that more Filipinos now are choosing to remain in the country because many have developed the expertise that fits in this category, which has an abundant opportunity in the employment market today.

Digitalization has paved the way for more jobs in the country and many Filipinos have become experts in this non-traditional field, and the work in this new field is dubbed by IBM as “new collar jobs.” Industries such as banking, energy, and others are now embracing digitalization.

According to Jiao, the new collar jobs require skills in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain technology – skills that aren’t necessarily taught in any traditional education or in college. High-level skills such as AI, threat analysis, user interface, and user experience design, integration and automation require exposure to the work environment, instead. College internships aren’t enough for these jobs, and training should start as early as Grade 9 to 14.

During the interview she said,

“How would you know how to actually do it when you haven’t even seen the real environment where bots work in a command center.”

Jiao also added that we are starting to win the game back.



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