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The Easy Way To Your First Credit Card

So you’ve been wanting to have a credit card. But you’ve seen and heard stories of how credit card debt can ruin someone’s financial position. But at the same time, you also think of the numerous conveniences a credit card can provide.

Imagine being able to replace at notice broken and irreparable appliances. You wouldn’t have to wait a year to save up for the latest smart phone, tablet, laptop or widescreen TV! Add to that, having the means for immediately augmenting your cash flow can afford you extra wiggle room in your wallet until your next paycheck.

To make the transition easier, especially for first time cardholders, AUB (Asia United Bank) for its first foray into credit cards, gave customers what they’ve wanted in a credit account: greater control and management over payments.

 At AUB, we always strive to deliver technologically advanced, best-in-class, and innovative products and services to provide real solutions to our customers. This philosophy has guided us in designing the AUB Easy MasterCard, which has features that directly address the concerns of our cardholders. We are confident that the introduction of the AUB Easy MasterCard will not only change the way we perceive and use credit cards, but will be a game changer in the credit card industry as well.
AUB President Abraham T. Co

The AUB Easy MasterCard advantage

An industry first, the AUB Easy MasterCard gives you — yes, you — the power to determine your minimum amount due, how often you want to pay, and even your exact due date. This means you can match your due date to the day when you receive your salary or commission, and tell the bank the exact amount you want to pay.

Below is a summary of payment dates and minimum amount due options available for monthly, semi-monthly and weekly payment terms for AUB Easy MasterCard:

Payment DatesAny day from the 1st to 30th day of the month• 1st and 16th
• 2nd & 17th
• 3rd & 18th
• 4th & 19th
• 5th & 20th
• 6th & 21st
• 7th & 22nd
• 8th & 23rd
• 9th & 24th
• 10th & 25th
• 11th & 26th
• 12th & 27th
• 13th & 28th
• 14th & 29th
• 15th & 30th
Any day from Mondays to Sunday
Minimum Amount Due• P750
• P1,000
• P1,500
• P2,000
• P2,500
• P3,000
• P500
• P1,000
• P1,500
• P250
• P500
• P750

This way even if you’re admittedly poor with calculations or have somehow overspent, you can expect to pay the same minimum amount — an amount which you’re confident you’ll be able to shoulder — at every billing. With AUB’s payment scheme, you can pay as little as P250 a week!

The AUB Easy MasterCard was developed in response to the real sentiments and demands of the ordinary consumer. It ensures that the card payment is always within the cardholders’ budget and availability of funds. No bill shock, no surprises, and no stress when the bill arrives. By giving cardholders real control and flexibility, the AUB Easy MasterCard will definitely change the way we manage our credit cards and finances.
AUB Credit Cards Business Head, Maria Mags V. Surtida

The AUB Easy MasterCard is accepted in retail outlets and online shopping sites around the Philippines and more than 210 countries. The card also comes equipped with an EMV chip technology and MasterCard 3D Secure to better combat fraud and protect cardholders when making transactions.

As a bonus, the AUB Easy MasterCard has no Annual Membership Fee; it is FREE for life. So you don’t have to pay membership fees yearly. Cardholders can also look forward to: enjoying the convenience of electronic statements, charging utility bills, getting discounts and cash rewards with booked flights, earning of reward points with every spend and more.

Requirements to qualify

The minimum requirements to qualify for an AUB Easy MasterCard are as follows:

  • Must be 21 to 55 years old
  • Must have a minimum Gross Annual Income: P120,000 for employees or P240,000 for self-employed and licensed professionals
  • Must be employed, running a business, or practicing a profession for at least one year
  • Must have a mobile phone and at least one landline phone at either residence or office
  • Must have an active email address

So what are you waiting for? With the easy payment terms and requirements, shake off your worries with the AUB Easy Credit Card today.

Don’t have a credit card yet? Make AUB Easy MasterCard your first!

AUB Easy MasterCard

AUB Easy MasterCard

Choose how often to pay, when to pay and how much to pay

Free annual membership fee for life

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