The Philippines And The UK Set To Hold A Defense Committee Meeting In March

The Philippines And The UK Set To Hold A Defense Committee Meeting In March

British Ambassador Daniel Pruce told reporters on Tuesday night that the Philippines and the United Kingdom are set to hold a joint defense committee meeting in March 2020.  

According to the British Ambassador, representatives from the Department of National Defense and UK’s Ministry of Defense are expected to discuss the possibility of a joint military exercise.

“The discussion in March is part of a regular sequence that we have established through our MOU (memorandum of understanding) which we agreed in December 2017,” Pruce told reporters during a reception on media freedom in Makati City.

He also added that they are working within those parameters to take forward the training exchanges and greater cooperation between the Philippine and UK forces. Meanwhile, Pruce declined to comment on the issue pertaining to the severance of the VFA between the USA and the Philippines.

After Malacanang’s decision to abrogate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States, it expressed its desire to forging military deals with other nations like the UK. 

“We’ll continue to talk about ways in the period ahead we can deepen and develop further that cooperation,” he said.

The MOU on Defense Cooperation signed between the Philippines and the UK in December 2017 has opened up possibilities for training exchanges and cooperation between the two nations’ forces. 


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