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8 Purchases You Should Only Make on Installment

They say there are only two things in the world we cannot escape, death and taxes. Well, we can think a slew of other things that we can add to it nowadays. Utility bills, car expenses, and the list goes on and on. However, you shouldn’t make all these expenses in a one-time, big-time splash. Particularly for those who are living under a budget, it’s sensible to find ways to fulfill the different needs we might have.

Below is a list of purchases that can put a huge dent on your wallet if you take it on all in one go—along with a few suggestions how you can further cut its costs. These items hover right in the middle of the luxury vs. necessity line, which means that, although they can be quite expensive, their benefits outweigh their price tag.


Nowadays owning an air-conditioner is as common as having a flat screen television set. Filipinos love their TV. A study even ranks us second in the world in hours spent in front of the boob tube, averaging about 21 hours a week. If watching television is the country’s favorite pastime, getting a good night’s sleep, especially if you make you’re living in a stressful environment, is a priority.

Alas, such comfort comes at a price. Television units with high-definition screens go as low as ₱10,000 (32 inch) and as high as the hundred-thousand range. Regular-sized window-type air-conditioning units, meanwhile, can cost well above ₱20,000 (for a one-horsepower motor) while its split-type version can be valued at almost twice the amount.

Fortunately, appliance shops offer their units on installment terms at 0% interest. Although these shops also encourage straight cash payments, often offering to slash prices a bit as incentive, going the installment route is the smart choice. As big purchases go, it’s advisable to always hunt for the best deal possible. Spreading your payments will help you manage your expenses better rather than burning all of it on one transaction that could ultimately hurt your budget for other more necessary expenditures—like electricity, food, water, etc.


Think of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone as a long-term investment. You need it for school or work. It’s now even considered a tool for recreation—particularly for gaming, browsing the web, and staying active on social media. Plus, having one opens you to other income opportunities available online. But at around ₱17,000 for the most basic version of a laptop/tablet, you probably can’t pay for one upfront. Most computer shops offer payment schemes that you can advantage of, often at 0% interest and with flexible installment terms.

With big purchases, we can’t stress enough why it’s important to only transact with registered sellers. Doing so will provide you a level of security you can’t get at a fly-in-the-wall shop. This is especially true with mobile phones. It’s arguably the most important device you own, and is also the most susceptible to theft and accidents. How many times have you inadvertently dropped your phone? And if the fall is hard enough to render it irreparable, how fast will it take you to secure a new one? We’d commend your restrain if it took you more than a week.

But resist the temptation to just get one of those second-hand ones sold at bargain stalls. It’s not worth the stress you’ll endure once it bogs down. Get a unit from a legit store; and better yet, pay for it with a credit card. Using a credit card for this kind of purchase gives you stronger warranty assurances than if you just pay for it with cash. Go over the fine print of your credit card to find out exactly how your credit company can secure your expense.

School Supplies

There are school-related expenses that you can fulfill with the help of a credit card. These include books, bags, and other school supplies. Buy them with your credit card then pay for them later through an installment plan. Just make sure to inquire first with your bank about the stores that accept this type of transaction, while also checking if there are ongoing promos or deals that you can also take advantage of.

Home Improvement

So your bathroom needs a major overhaul but you don’t have enough cash to fund the whole project. Here’s an idea, acquire all the materials you need through a credit card or installment card and use the cash you have to pay for the manpower you need to employ. This way you can complete work within your budget while also ensuring that the project won’t slow down or be halted because of lack of materials.

Travel Plans

There has been no better time to be bitten by wanderlust than today. Airline companies offer seat sales, travel agencies have affordable packages, and a host of locations offer exciting adventures. You can enjoy all these and much more by paying via credit card. With a credit card, you can get first dibs on promos by booking online. Some credit card companies also offer complimentary travel insurance, which gives you another layer of security. But best of all, you can make your travel plans easier on your budget by scattering your payments (like plane tickets and hotel accommodations) through an installment plan. Enjoy the flexibility an installment plan can offer and have more fun collecting memories on your journeys.

Your Wellness

We all want to look our best. And if you look good, you feel good. Whether you’re looking to relax, work out, or fine tune your flaws, it’s beneficial to invest in yourself. However, you need more than willpower to carry on with whatever wellness program you choose to put yourself under. Most programs come with multiple sessions…and a hefty price tag. If you really want results, it’ll serve you better to see it through completely. To help you with this, choose a gym or wellness center that’s partnered with your credit card. Pay for your membership or treatments on installment basis then just worry about freeing your schedule to meet your appointments.

Need more reason to pamper yourself? How about a host of exclusive discounts and freebies—from cosmetic procedures, to eye treatments, to spa services? You can get all these with a BDO Credit Card. Check out the many exciting promos being offered right now and choose the best one for you.

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