Top Credit Cards in The Philippines for Fashionistas 2013 [Infographic]

Shopping in the Philippines is now more serious than ever. After all, in the 25 biggest malls in the world, four came from the Philippines, the biggest in the Philippines is SM North Edsa in Quezon City. It is not surprising at all even our history books says Filipinos loved shopping, remember that ‘Barter’ is one of the earliest concepts taught in our HEKASI (Heograpiya,  Kasaysayan at Sining) subjects in elementary school.

For a Fahionista, a credit card is always a handy friend when buying those great finds in the malls. It’s convenient and safe to carry around, you don’t have to carry a huge stash of cash every time with you. Besides that, you can enjoy a 0% Installment for your purchase so you can enjoy your money now rather than having it enjoyed by the banks. Also, it credit card companies tie up with a lot of merchants to give you discounts – which leads you to saving money. *Ka Ching! Ka Ching!*

Below is an Infographic of the Best Credit Cards in 2013 in the Philippines for a Fashionista. Our guide below classifies what kind of Fashionista Goddess you are and what plastic suits you the best. Credit cards in the Philippines differ from each other and better to know this to seal the best deals there is.

For someone who loves Fashion, these are the credit cards that we think you should be having for you to get the trendiest deals with a lot of freebies, discounts and exclusive events. Now you can shop till you drop!

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