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Avoid These 7 Overlooked Traveling Mishaps In Your Next Vacation

There would always be common flying mistakes that amateurs or even seasoned travelers would overlook whenever traveling. So, if you are planning your next vacation or just want to know ways on how to improve your traveling experience, make sure to note the following practical traveling advice.

1. Going with the flow

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The lack of preparation is one of the worst things a traveler can ever do. No matter how busy you are, always do your research on your flight route, accommodation, transport, local cultures, food, and the difference in currency rates, especially if you are traveling alone. You don’t want to overspend on the little things like taxi fares or even food and regret later on if you missed out on some must-visit places on your destination.

Always bring extra cash and do take note of the fees imposed by your preferred bank especially if you are planning to withdraw from your local debit/credit card overseas. If you are en route for an international flight, the first thing you must always check are the visa requirements for the Philippine passport, which may have more limitations and firmer restrictions.

Never make the mistake of booking your flight first without checking on the visa and other requirements needed beforehand. Chances are you will be overspending just to process your requirements at the last minute. Don’t depend on mere luck because you may get rejected at the immigration and be left stranded at the airport with half of your travel budget gone.

2. Too many carry-on bags

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There are a couple of ways to solve this issue. Firstly, always make sure to plan ahead and only bring the essentials for your travel; if possible,  pack light. But if you should be needing a lot of stuff for your trip then the best option is to upgrade your baggage limit.

There’s no point in carrying two or three carry-on bags when there’s one bag that can fit most of your belongings. If you are a frequent traveler, it’s best for you to invest in different sets of bags/luggage according to their size and function. Let’s say you frequently need to fly with your camera and laptop then maybe it’s best to invest in a durable camera/laptop bag.

3. Dress to impress

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It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a short, domestic flight or a 20-hour flight to the other side of the globe, you should dress comfortably either way. Just keep in mind that there could be some glitches in your flight, worst-case scenarios like having to run around the airport due to a logistics error or maybe your boarding gate’s been changed all of a sudden.

You don’t want to miss your flight just because you’re wearing some sky-high stilettos. But if it’s necessary for you to dress smartly for work-related purposes, then always make sure to keep an extra pair of slippers or flats in your carry on.

If you have expensive taste, keep it in your closet and never make the mistake of traveling with your designer luggage or bags. This may attract unwanted attention from thieves and pickpockets. Instead, try to find something that’s both stylish and functional. There is a myriad of backpacks, sling bags, and totes specifically meant for traveling, that can also be a jet setter’s fashion statement.

4. Taking your sweet time

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The golden rule of flying is to always arrive at the airport at least two hours before your departure time, just in case unanticipated events like canceled flights, change in boarding gates, long check-in queue, and/or traffic jam. You should spare a couple of hours before your flight to have a proper meal, shop for souvenirs, and most importantly, use the bathroom. If you want to save more time, it’s best to make use of your flight carrier’s online check-in feature, so you can skip the long line at the airport.

5. Always double check

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Forgetting some of your essential items the last minute contributes to overspending! To make it easier for you to track down your things in your luggage and carry-on, make a checklist on your phone or on a notebook. Double and triple check your list two or three days before your flight and before you leave your home for the airport.

6. Not ensuring your personal safety

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If you are a frequent traveler especially for business purposes, Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID-blocking wallets and pouches is something you must own. RFID-blocking wallets contain a special chip that will protect your credit cards, passports, and other identifications from electronic pickpocketing or RFID skimming.

It can conceal your credit cards and other personal identification cards against electronic pickpocketing technologies used by modern day thieves. So, even if you’re not an undercover agent on a secret mission, still consider RFID wallets and pouches just to be safe.

7. Avoid bringing expensive items

Keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances are inevitable when traveling. From lost luggage to stolen wallets, they can happen when you least expect them.  Often times, bringing fancy pieces of jewelry in your travels can be a liability. Who would want to spend their entire vacation watching their backs feeling uneasy?

For your peace of mind, apply for a travel insurance especially if you travel frequently with your entire closet or jewelry sets.

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