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Unilever Announced Longer Paternity Leave And Same-Sex Partner Benefits For Their Employees

Earlier this week, Unilever announced that it would start offering a 20-day paternity leave for their employees who are fathers and healthcare benefits for same-sex partners and paid leave for adoptive parents. Unilever has been known to be a strong advocate of diversity and keeping their employees happy.

Unilever Philippines chairman and CEO Benjie Yap said, “Diversity is an essential requirement in the today’s workforce, as it lends to new ideas, energies, and solutions.” This new policy is basically aimed at addressing the needs of their diverse workforce.

According to Unilever, employees can take advantage of 20 days paid paternity leave, instead of the 7 days mandated by law. Meanwhile, same-sex partners of employees will be eligible for their healthcare beneficiaries or dependents.  Lastly, adoptive parents are entitled to paid leaves when adopting a child 6 months old or younger, however, the maximum allowed paid absences were not specified.

“In acknowledging the different forms of unions and families, the company continues to explore ways and solutions to lead by example in the industry,” the company said.

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