Mastercard Or Visa? Decoding Your Credit Card Choice

Mastercard Or Visa? Decoding Your Credit Card Choice

In the sphere of credit cards, Mastercard and Visa stand out as global leaders. These payment processing networks are the backbone of countless transactions, offering a variety of card options.

Understanding the nuances of Mastercard and Visa can empower you to make informed decisions about your plastic companion.

Let’s unpack the key differences and similarities between both.

Why choose a Mastercard or Visa?

The basics 

Mastercard and Visa serve as vital payment processing networks, facilitating seamless transactions between merchants, banks, and cardholders. When you glance at your credit card, the logo on it signifies the network responsible for processing your payments. This distinction is crucial in understanding the backbone of your financial transactions.

Global acceptance

Both Mastercard and Visa boast extensive global acceptance, rendering them dependable choices for transactions whether you’re strolling through your local market or exploring markets abroad. The ubiquity of these networks ensures that your card is likely to be accepted in various locations, enhancing your payment convenience.

Travel benefits

Frequent travelers find Mastercard and Visa appealing due to the array of travel perks they offer. From travel insurance to airport lounge access and emergency assistance, these networks ensure that your journeys are not only convenient but also accompanied by added benefits that enhance your overall travel experience.

HSBC Red MastercardGet 4x bonus points on local shopping, dining and overseas transactions.₱20 = 1 point
for every spend
Redeem items, GCs, and air miles with your bonus points (T&Cs apply)
Security Bank Gold MastercardFor every ₱20.00 charged, you earn 1 rewards point with your Security Bank Gold MasterCardConvert purchases to ChargeLight and pay for your transaction on 3 to 24 months installments
Avail of eSecure, a secure online shopping feature where you can set your own limits for online shopping
HSBC Gold Mastercard6% rebate on first Caltex fuel purchase and 3% for succeeding ones (T&Cs apply)Earn 5% cash back on your dining transactionsEarn 0.50% cash back on all other transactions
EastWest Bank EveryDay Titanium MastercardUp to 5% cash rebate on your gas spendingUp to 5% cash rebate on your groceries and drugstore spendingUp to 5% cash rebate on non-supermarket, non-gas and non-drugstore purchases for a minimum spend of ₱10,000.00
EastWest Bank Gold CardCan be used in more than 29 million establishments worldwide, in over 300 countries wherever MasterCard is acceptedEarn 1 Rewards Point for every ₱100.00 spent Convert your points to gift vouchers

Exchange rates

Mastercard and Visa stand out for offering competitive exchange rates for international transactions. It’s essential, however, to be vigilant about any additional fees your issuing bank may impose. A comprehensive understanding of the cost implications ensures you make informed decisions when using your card in various currencies.

Merchant acceptance

While both networks enjoy widespread acceptance, it’s prudent to carry a backup card from a different network. This precaution ensures that you can make purchases seamlessly, even in situations where a particular merchant may prefer one network over the other. Diversifying your options adds an extra layer of convenience to your financial transactions.

Innovation and technology-shaping benefits at your fingertips

Remaining at the forefront of financial technology or fintech, both Mastercard and Visa continually invest in cutting-edge innovations.

HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Card

HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Card

5% Cashback for all dining spends.

Low minimum monthly income requirement.

From contactless payments to mobile wallets, these advancements enhance the convenience and efficiency of your financial transactions.

Staying abreast of these technological trends ensures you can make the most of the latest features available on your credit card.

What are each card’s USPs?

Visa positions itself as a “global payments technology company,” offering a suite of payment tech that includes:

  • Chip cards – Enhancing transaction security through embedded chips.
  • mPOS – Facilitating transactions through mobile point-of-sale devices.
  • Visa Contactless – Enabling convenient payments with a simple tap, available in SM-owned and -affiliated stores.
  • Verified by Visa – Employing advanced tech to block fraud and enhance security for online purchases.
  • Visa Direct – Streamlining money transfers for easier transactions.
  • Contactless for Issuers – Providing businesses with contactless payment tech.

Mastercard also focuses on keeping payments safe and secure. Their tech and services include:

  • Chip cards – Similar to Visa, Mastercard offers EMV cards for added security in transactions.
  • Liability Protection – Offering financial institution-backed protection against unauthorized transactions.
  • e-Commerce Protection – Providing two-step authorization via SecureCode for online purchases.
  • Transaction alerts – Keeping you informed with SMS notifications for every credit card use.
BPI Edge Mastercard

BPI Edge Mastercard

Cash advance 30% of your credit limit.

Low minimum monthly income requirement.

The commitment of both Mastercard and Visa to transaction security is evident in their use of advanced features like encryption and fraud monitoring. These measures work harmoniously to safeguard your transactions. Additionally, both networks provide a safety net with zero-liability protection, assuring you peace of mind in the rare event of unauthorized activity on your card.

What are each card’s variants and tiers?

Both networks categorize their cards based on creditworthiness and financial habits, offering options from entry-level to elite tiers.

Consider rewards programs, cashback offers, and annual fees when choosing a card that aligns with your lifestyle.

On that note, there is a whole range of card variants, from basic to premium, catering to different needs. 

  • Entry-Level: Basic cards suitable for those building credit or seeking a straightforward spending tool.
  • Standard or Classic Cards: Designed for individuals with a fair credit history, offering additional benefits like rewards programs.
  • Gold and Platinum: Targeting individuals with good to excellent credit scores, these cards provide enhanced benefits, including higher credit limits and better rewards programs.
  • Premium and Signature: For those seeking exclusive perks, these cards offer elite benefits like airport lounge access and premium travel insurance.
  • Infinite and World Elite: Reserved for high-net-worth individuals, these cards provide unparalleled exclusivity and benefits, catering to sophisticated tastes.

Choosing the right card for you

Mastercard and Visa offer a spectrum of credit card options tailored to the diverse needs of Filipinos. Your choice depends on factors such as spending habits, lifestyle, and desired benefits within the country and across the borders.

Whether you prioritize global travel, versatile rewards programs, or elite privileges, there’s a Mastercard or Visa card finely tuned to your Philippine requirements.

Equipped with this knowledge, may you find the perfect plastic companion for your financial journey in the Philippines. Happy spending!

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