• Price


  • Speed

    50 Mbps

  • Coverage


  • Download Quota

    Daily Data Allowance


Download a song Download a movie
CD Quality SD (1.5GB)
1 secs 4 mins
Best Quality HD (4GB)
2 secs 11 mins

* Movie file size based on iTunes Movies.

* Download time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

This broadband is ideal for...
  • Your Business
  • Web browsing
  • Check emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Watch YouTube
  • Downloading
  • File Transfer
  • Video Conference
  • Online Gaming

Voice Calls

  • Free unlimited calls to Globe and TM

Fees & Charges

  • Installation Fee: None
  • Other Fees: None

Product Review by iMoney

Don’t wait for you or your staff to experience downtimes or slow broadband speed while at work. With Globe myBusiness Fiber Premium Plan 3599 you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your internet connection due to high cost. With a relatively affordable monthly service fee for a business package, it offers the best solution encountered by growing businesses in terms of expanding their workforce along with the increased bandwidth demand that comes with it. From large file transfers to live video conferencing, this plan is capable of handling most of what businesses expect from their ISPs.

Breakaway From The Pack

Designed for businesses that are looking to expand at the soonest sign of opportunity, Globe myBusiness Broadband Premium Plan 3599 is a solid package that every business owner should consider on their list of options. With fast speed that is more than capable in performing daily office tasks, this is definitely not your entry-level plan with specs that can only do basic functions. Rather, this package can be considered as a starting point that can accommodate mid-size to large companies. And with fiber optic connectivity, reliability is not an issue with technology that is considered stronger and less prone to disruptions due to bad weather conditions.

Broadband Package Features

Achieve high-speed fiber internet with speeds reaching up to 50 Mbps! Aside from the fast connection, you will also be allocated with a daily data allowance to facilitate better monitoring and control of your data use. Your company will be provided with 1 static IP address that offers a secure connection for better network security for all of your online and server related tasks. This subscription includes unlimited calls to other Globe and TM subscribers. As part of the package, you will also receive a G suite plus a custom domain for your business use.

Fees and Charges

This business plan will come with a monthly service fee of ₱3,599. There is a required lock-in period of up to two years once you subscribe. In the event that you have to discontinue your subscription prior to the aforementioned period, additional charges will be incurred.

For a growing venture, there should always be provisions for future expansion and system upgrades. Having a fast and reliable broadband connectivity is essential in a company’s operations to maintain on-time service and high productivity. Be on the look out for the first signs of internet slow down and consider a faster Globe myBusiness broadband package available on our site. Take a look, compare specifications easily and apply online today!