• Price


  • Speed

    5 Mbps

  • Coverage


  • Download Quota

    50 Gb

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Total ₱1,199.00

VAT included


Download a song Download a movie
CD Quality SD (1.5GB)
8 secs 40 mins
Best Quality HD (4GB)
19 secs 107 mins

* Movie file size based on iTunes Movies.

* Download time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

This broadband is ideal for...
  • Your Home
  • Web browsing
  • Check emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Watch YouTube
  • Downloading
  • File Transfer
  • Video Conference
  • Online Gaming

Voice Calls

  • Free unlimited calls to Globe and TM

Fees & Charges

  • Installation Fee: LTE/DSL installation fee of ₱1,000 payable in 3 months
  • Other Fees: LTE Super Home Phone Activation Fee of ₱1,200

Product Review by iMoney

Having internet at home is one of the necessities in life nowadays. Being connected with people closest to you and staying updated on current events and nearby ongoings is now essential to your lifestyle with the advent of high-speed broadband. Whether you’re an advanced online user, or just a plain and simple web surfer, having a fast and reliable broadband connection has now become a requirement more than ever and for those on a tight budget, Globe Broadband’s Plan 1199 is a recommended solution that you would want to keep an eye for.

Light, Budget Broadband

Not everyone needs a high-level internet connection. With Globe Broadband Plan 1199 you can enjoy basic online usage without negatively affecting your budget. At a very affordable monthly cost, you will be able to connect online and perform simple tasks such as emailing, browsing social media updates, and messaging with family and friends. Suitable for light users who just want to stay connected and updated without having the need to download large files or consume heavy HD video or audio content, then this package is just what you need.

Broadband Package Features

This plan allows you to reach browsing speeds of up to 5 Mbps. You will also receive an allocated 50 Gb (LTE) of data allowance per month. Included in the package is a 4-port WiFi router and landline where you can make unlimited calls to Globe or TM. As a subscriber, you can avail of exclusive add-on product or services offered at a discounted price. You can choose from a variety of products from audio speakers, android TV devices, CCTV cameras, and game consoles, to services such as Spotify, Netflix, HOOQ, Disney Channel Apps, or NBA League Pass subscriptions. Do note that for Fiber connectivity the minimum guaranteed speed is 30% of the plan’s speed, for DSL and LTE it will be 256 Kbps. Once you reach your monthly quota, the speed of 256 Kbps will apply until your next refresh.

Fees and Charges

When you subscribe, the recurring service fee would be ₱1,199 per month. There is also an installation fee of ₱1,000 either for LTE or DSL connections. It can be payable on installment for up to 3 months. As for the LTE Super Home Phone, there is a required activation fee of ₱1,200. ₱200 should be paid upfront and the remaining balance can be paid on installment within 5 months. A lock-in period of 2 years is mandatory and unsubscribing prior to the agreed period will incur added penalties. Keep in mind that the availability and speed of the service may still vary based upon assessment.

Searching for more speed? With high-speed Globe broadband internet, you have a variety of choices depending on your specific online requirements. Whether you need fast speeds or a huge monthly data allowance, Globe can provide a specific plan that would be tailored-fit to your requirements.