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CD Quality SD (1.5GB)
0 secs 2 mins
Best Quality HD (4GB)
1 secs 5 mins

* Movie file size based on iTunes Movies.

* Download time estimates based on maximum connection speeds. Actual speeds will vary.

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  • Web browsing
  • Check emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Watch YouTube
  • Downloading
  • File Transfer
  • Video Conference
  • Online Gaming

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  • Network Terminal Unit

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Product Review by iMoney

Once you have reached the pinnacle of your company’s performance, it would be a mistake to stagnate and just settle for the status quo. Remain aggressive by looking for additional income streams and investments to stay on top of the game. With Rise Large Enterprise Plan 100, it allows you the flexibility for any future expansion without having to worry about your broadband network’s capacity. Rest assured that you will still enjoy the same level of performance using your current infrastructure even with the additional headcount. Backed by an assured guarantee, you can focus more on the important factors needed to take your enterprise to the next level.

High-Level Enterprise Broadband

Having a large enterprise requires a highly efficient network that can immediately cater to your current headcount and at the same time allow provisions for any expansion. Rise Large Enterprise Plan 100 does exactly that. With a high level infrastructure, it provides international level broadband speeds for the whole company’s benefit. Fiber connectivity also guarantees high reliability and when paired with the right tools along with highly skilled technical support engineers, you are assured that the management of your account is in safe hands. Achieve the highest level of productivity with fast download and upload times, have seamless, online meetings using video conference with your remote team or even clients without worrying about disconnection or network downtime.

Broadband Package Features

An internet infrastructure designed for large enterprises, this broadband plan can accommodate companies with more than 100 employees. It provides lightning-fast, real internet speeds of 100 Mbps full duplex, both upstream and downstream data rates at par with global broadband standards. Using state-of-the-art fiber connectivity, your enterprise is provided with unlimited data and guaranteed no slow downs at 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR) with 1:1 direct internet access. Using a highly efficient network, Rise can also attest to a full 99.9% Service Level Agreement which is confidently backed by rebate. It doesn’t end there, as they are driven to offer their full commitment towards high-level customer service by assuring that technical support engineers are on standby, ready for immediate response with any issues that your network may encounter.

Fees and Charges

Being the top of the line enterprise internet plan from Rise, the service fee will cost you $3,800 per month. It already comes with a Network Terminal Unit (NTU) which is a highly effective way of proactively monitoring your network’s status in case a problem arises. A team of engineers will immediately notify you at the first sight of an issue so they can address the cause and have it resolved at the soonest possible time. This method signifies their dedication to provide the highest level of customer service and eliminate any unnecessary slow downs or downtime being their top priority. The package will also provide a static IP address for your company.

If this package brings too much on the table, you can opt for an alternative plan that will fit your company’s budget and broadband needs better. Visit our site and check our whole list of Rise fiber internet enterprise plans for you to compare easily and select which one would be the best match based on your requirements.