Cashback Credit Cards FAQ

A type of credit card that pays you back a small percentage for every spend you make with the card. Having a cashback credit card will grant you a rebate for almost all purchases you make.

How does a cashback credit card work?

Cashback credit cards offer a percentage rate rebate, given back to you in the form of statement credits or cash rewards you can claim. Cards usually have different categories that earn more than others — for example, all purchases may get 0.5% cashback, but dining purchases may earn 5% cashback. Different cashback credit cards from different banks will offer different amounts of cashback for various types of spending categories.

Is it worth getting a cashback credit card?

Cashback credit cards are for practical credit card users that see the value in every peso that he or she saves. The cashback percentage isn’t really game-changing to your wallet when the savings you get for every purchase are viewed individually, but in the long run, they add up and can amount to thousands of pesos.

What credit card gives the most cashback?

The best cashback credit card will depend on your spending pattern. You can get the most cashback by owning a card that aligns best with what you are spending on more frequently.

Citi Cashback Credit Card

Receive rebates for your groceries, electric bills, and all other purchases charged to your card for a minimum monthly spend. You can also get access to discounts and privileges in more than 29 million establishments in over 150 countries.

  • Minimum income - ₱20,800
  • Annual fee - ₱3,500

Key features:

  • FREE ₱5,000 worth of SM Gift Pass! Promo is until October 31, 2019 only.
  • 6% rebate on Groceries.
  • 2% rebate on Meralco.
  • 0.2% rebate on everything else.

HSBC Gold Visa Cashback Credit Card

A card that rewards 3 Bonus Points for every ₱20 spend on local shopping & dining. What makes this card a cashback credit card, however, is the rebates that you get for all types of spending.

Key features:

  • 5% cashback for all dining spends.
  • 0.5% cashback for all other spends.
  • 6% rebate on your first Caltex fuel purchase plus 3% rebate all year round.