• Min. Monthly Income


  • Interest Rate

    3.5% /month

  • Annual Fee


Feature Highlights
  • The card that is flexible to your needs, giving the extra boost to manage your finances and more value to your spending.


  • Earn 1 point for every ₱25 spend


  • Earn 1 point for every ₱25 spend




Other Features

  • EMV

    • Your China Bank MasterCard is EMV-compliant for enhanced protection against credit card fraud, giving you more peace of mind in every swipe.

  • Global Acceptance

    • Your China Bank MasterCard is accepted in over 22 million locations worldwide, such as retail outlets, ATMs, and online shopping sites, where you see the MasterCard logo.

  • Mastercard Global Services

    • Get emergency assistance on lost, stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement and cash advance, or even locating the nearest ATM, virtually anytime, anywhere and in any language using MasterCard Global Service Toll-Free numbers in the country where you are currently in.

Card Information

Annual fee ₱1,500.00
Min. monthly income ₱15,000.00
Min. age for principal holder

21-65 years old

Min. age for supplementary holder

13 years old and above

Fee for supplementary holder 0.00
Finance charges 3.50% per month
Must have postpaid account? Yes
Identification needed Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS No.
Card Replacement Fee


Sales Slip Retrieval Fee

₱500.00 (for local) or $20 (for international) for each copy of charge/transaction slip requested

Late payment charge


Cash advance amount

May vary from time to time

Cash advance charge


Cash advance interest charge

Same as credit card interest, 3.50% a month

Cashback limit


Rewards points expiry


Product Review by iMoney Philippines

Everyday “Go-To” Card

Chinabank Prime Credit Card is your practical, everyday card that helps you easily manage your finances while giving more value to your spending. Take advantage of its flexibility, as you enjoy the benefits, discounts, and promotions available to cardholders all year.

Fees and Charges of Chinabank Prime Credit Card

Chinabank requires an annual membership fee of ₱1,500 for principal cardholders and absolutely free for supplementary cardholders. Finance charge is 3.50% per month and late payment fee is ₱750.00.

Are you eligible for a Chinabank Prime Credit Card?

To apply, one of the requirements is to have a low, minimum monthly salary of just ₱15,000 for principal cardholders. You also have to be between 21-65 years of age. For the supplementary cardholder, you need to be at least 13 years of age.

Still not satisfied? Here are other options as recommended by our team, AUB Easy Credit Card and BDO Shopmore Credit Card, both have similar features that you may find relevant in choosing the right card.

Find out relevant details about Chinabank credit card online application such as requirements, benefits, and privileges that could help you decide which card would be the best one for you.