Gas Credit Cards FAQ

These are credit cards that provide rebates for gas purchases. With these, you can save money on fuel to the tune of thousands of pesos every year and enjoy other motorist discounts at dealerships and service stations.

What are the benefits of having a gas credit card?

With gas credit cards, you can enjoy the following perks and discounts.

  • Fuel rebates
  • Free towing and roadside assistance
  • Accident insurance
  • Reward points which you can convert to different
  • Motorist discounts at dealerships and service

Which gas card is easiest to get?

The easiest credit cards to get are those that have the lower minimum income requirement and lower annual fees. Our top picks for this type of gas card are the following:

Citi Shell Card

A credit card that makes car ownership more rewarding. From rebates and discounts when you fuel up at any Shell stations, you’ll also have discounts on other automotive services such as repairs and accessories nationwide!

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱20,800
  • Annual fee: ₱2,500

Key features:

  • 5% Rebate on Shell products
  • 5% Rebate on toll fees
  • 5% Rebate on auto repairs & services
  • Get a 5% rebate when you use your Citi Shell Card to purchase South Luzon Expressway and North Luzon Expressway toll load

BPI Petron Credit Card

A credit card for people who favor Petron fuel stations among others. For every ₱2,000 you spend for filling-up at any Petron station, you will get a ₱60 rebate on your next bill. The fuel rebates you earn will be automatically credited to your statement of account; allow for one month for the rebates to show up. With Petron having over 478 affiliated stations across the country, you can literally take advantage of these cards 3% off your total fuel bill anywhere in the country.

Another benefit of this card is the 24-hour price shield. This feature allows you to pay lower fuel prices within 24 hours from the time Petron announces a fuel price hike. This way you can gas up before a fuel hike and save more money on your fuel expenses every month.

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱15,000
  • Annual fee: ₱1,550

Key features:

  • 3% Fuel rebate at participating Petron stations
  • 10% Discount on Petron oils and lubricants at participating stations
  • Free ₱200 worth of fuel for new cardholders

RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card

Other than rebates on gas purchases at any Phoenix gas station, free shopping gift vouchers, or free flights to your dream destination, owning one will entitle you to free towing and roadside assistance. You can also redeem a minimum of ₱200 worth of fuel rebates by simply calling RCBC Bankard Customer Service Hotline at 888-1-888. Another benefit of owning an RCBC Bankard Phoenix Card is the free accident insurance coverage.

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱19,167
  • Annual fee: ₱1,800.00

Key features:

  • 5% discount on Phoenix gasoline and diesel engine oils
  • 5% rebate on Phoenix fuel purchases
  • Free ₱500 Phoenix fuel as a welcome gift
  • Free towing & roadside assistance and accident insurance
  • Exchange your Rewards Points for free flights, gift vouchers or cash rebates

Which is the best gas credit card?

Just like choosing any credit card, get one that will suit your lifestyle and spending habit. If you’re the type who doesn’t spend much on shopping and only needs the card purely for fuel rebates purposes, then go for the card that is solely meant for that purpose, like those branded gas loyalty credit cards. If your card spending habit is not exclusive to your fuel purchases, then get a shopping credit card with fuel rebates.