Grocery Credit Cards FAQ

There isn’t really a particular type of credit card called grocery credit cards. However, there are different types of credit cards that make grocery shopping more rewarding. It’s cards that offer more discounts, privileges, and freebies when you use them for your grocery shopping.

What are the benefits of having a grocery credit card?

Owning a grocery credit card can open a lot of money saving opportunities on your grocery expenses. Depending on your credit card, you’ll either earn more reward points, cash back, or both!

What is the best credit card for groceries?

The best credit card for this will still depend on your end goal. Do you want to save money through cashbacks? Do you just want to earn more points to redeem vouchers or miles?

You can choose which one of these credit cards will suit your preference:

Citi Cash Back Credit Card

Receive rebates for your groceries, electric bills, and all other purchases charged to your card for a minimum monthly spend. You can also get access to discounts and privileges in more than 29 million establishments in over 150 countries.

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱19,167
  • Annual fee: ₱960

Key features:

  • FREE ₱5,000 worth of SM Gift Pass! Promo is until October 31, 2019 only
  • 6% rebate on Groceries
  • 2% rebate on Meralco
  • 0.2% rebate on everything else

RCBC Bankard Landmark Anson’s Mastercard

This card is a discount, loyalty, and credit card in one! It lets you take advantage of the privileges and benefits of all three and streamlines your shopping experience.

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱19,167
  • Annual fee: ₱960

Key features:

  • Every ₱200.00 spent at Robinsons will earn you (3) rewards point
  • Earn 2 points for every ₱200 spend abroad
  • Year-round privileges at Robinsons Retail Stores
  • Up to 5% rebate on purchases made in any Landmark Department Store, Supermarket, and Anson’s from Monday to Friday for a minimum purchase
  • Earn 1 Rewards Point for every ₱50 purchase at Landmark and Anson’s charged to your card and have these accumulated points exchanged for Landmark gift checks or credit as payment to your card purchases

Metrobank Robinsons Gold Mastercard

A shopping credit card that grants more perks and privileges when you shop at any Robinsons Malls, Daiso, Toys ‘R Us, Topshop, and Truevalue outlets. Some of the perks you will be entitled to are rebates, more reward points, and discounts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for groceries or other items.

  • Minimum income requirement: ₱40,000
  • Annual fee: ₱3,000

Key features:

  • 3 reward points for every ₱200.00 spent at Robinson
  • 2 reward points points for every ₱200 spend abroad
  • Year-round privileges at Robinsons Retail Stores

Which grocery credit card is easiest to get?

Credit cards with low income requirement are the easiest to get. For the case of grocery credit cards, the easiest one should be the Citi Cashback credit card.