• Min. Monthly Income


  • Interest Rate

    3.5% /month

  • Annual Fee


Feature Highlights
  • Enjoy FREE Annual Membership Fee for a lifetime!
  • Non-expiring Rewards Points for your purchases outside Landmark
  • 5% Rebate on your Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket and Anson’s


Enjoy FREE Annual Membership Fee for a lifetime!

  • Apply and spend a minimum of Php30,000 within sixty (60) days from card issuance
  • Enjoy a lifetime Annual Membership Fee!


  • 5% Rebate on your Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket and Anson’s purchases every Mondays-Fridays
  • Earn one (1) rewards point each time you charge ₱50 at Landmark and Anson’s purchases or ₱83.33 when you shop elsewhere
  • Get free real-time SMS alerts each time you make a purchase
  • Exclusive Landmark and Anson’s shopping deals and promotions


  • Dine and earn one (1) rewards point for every ₱83.33 charged to your card


  • Fuel up and earn one (1) rewards point each time you charge ₱83.33 from gas stations to your card


  • 5% Rebate on your Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket and Anson’s purchases every Mondays-Fridays
  • Exclusive Landmark Supermarket deals and promotions


  • Earn one (1) rewards point each time you charge ₱83.33 from your card for all your travel spends.
  • Get up to 100% increase in credit limit during your travel period

Other Features

  • Non-expiring Rewards

    • Redeem your Rewards Points and exchange them for Landmark Gift Certificates or credit to your RCBC Bankard account.

  • Free Budget Monitoring Tools

    • Helps you take control of your spending via customized financial management tools – Spend Analyzer and Spend Monitor – to help you keep track of your purchases and stay within your budget

  • Unli 0% Installment

    • All your single-receipt purchases made anywhere and any amount can be converted to 0% installment for 3 months! There is no limit on the number of times you can request to avail of Unli 0%.

  • Pay for your Utility Bills, 24/7

    • Conveniently and quickly pay for your bills to over 40 merchants including electricity, water, internet, cable bills, insurance and more through Fast BillsPay. What’s even better, you will also earn Rewards / AIRMILES / rebates for your bills payment.

  • Secure Online Shopping

    • Get extra layer of protection when shopping online with password protection and personal message via Shop Secure or get an RCBC Bankard webshopper to shop online safely without having to reveal your main RCBC Bankard card details.

Card Information

Annual fee ₱960.00
Min. monthly income ₱19,167.00
Min. age for principal holder

21 and above

Min. age for supplementary holder

13 years old and older

Fee for supplementary holder ₱480.00
Finance charges 3.50% per month
Must have postpaid account? Yes
Identification needed Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS No.
Card Replacement Fee


Sales Slip Retrieval Fee


Late payment charge


Cash advance amount

30% of credit limit

Cash advance charge

₱500.00 or 3% of cash amount availed, whichever is higher

Cash advance interest charge

Same as credit card, 3.50%

Cashback limit


Rewards points expiry

No Expiration.

Product Review by iMoney Philippines

Shopping Simplified

With RCBC Landmark Anson’s Bankard Credit Card, you have the combination of a discount, loyalty, and credit card in one! Enjoy the privileges, perks, and benefits of all three as you simplify your shopping experience all-year round. Receive up to 5% rebate on purchases made in any Landmark Department Store, Supermarket, and Anson’s from Monday to Friday for a minimum purchase. You can also earn 1 Rewards Point for every ₱50 purchase at Landmark and Anson’s charged to your card and have these accumulated points exchanged for Landmark gift checks or credit as payment to your card purchases. Savor the satisfaction of not having to bring separate cards for different rewards.

Fees and Charges of RCBC Landmark Anson’s Bankard Credit Card

Annual membership fee is waived for the first year. For principal cardholders, it will be ₱960 succeedingly and ₱480 for the supplementary cardholder. Monthly interest rate is 3.5% per month and late payment fee is ₱400.

Are you eligible for an RCBC Landmark Anson’s Bankard Credit Card?

To apply, you have to be 21 years old and above with minimum monthly income of ₱19,167. Supplementary cardholders should be at least 13 years of age.

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