Rewards Credit Cards FAQ

This type of card grants rewards points for every purchase made with the card. Reward points are redeemable for gifts, vouchers and other goodies as indicated in the issuer’s reward catalogue. The bigger the rewards points accumulated, the better the rewards you can claim.

How does a reward credit card work?

Rewards credit cards grant points for a certain amount of money you spend with the card each time. Some rewards card will grant 1 point for every ₱30 spend, some ₱50, and others have multipliers for when you meet certain spending conditions.

These rewards can be exchanged to gifts, redeemed as miles, or converted to cash backs, depending on your card.

How can I redeem my credit card points? / How do you claim credit card points?

Redeeming your credit card points is different for every bank. However, the channels where you can redeem these points are all the same for most banks: through their online account portal, apps, or over the phone.

You can check your credit card’s fine print to get more accurate information on claiming your reward points.

Which is better cashback or reward point?

There are reward cards that allow conversion of reward points into cashbacks; those cards are the more superior choice. However, if you’re caught in between choosing a regular cashback or rewards credit card, the answer will always go back to your spending pattern and your reward preference.