• Min. Monthly Income


  • Interest Rate

    3.5% /month

  • Annual Fee


Feature Highlights
  • For every ₱20.00 charged, your earn 1 Rewards Point with your Security Bank MasterCard Gold


  • For every ₱20.00 charged, you earn 1 rewards point with your Security Bank Gold MasterCard


  • Avail of eSecure, a secure online shopping feature where you can set your own limits for online shopping
  • Convert purchases to ChargeLight and pay for your transaction on 3 to 24 months installments
  • Earn 1 Rewards Point for every ₱20.00 charged with your Security Bank MasterCard Gold


  • You get 1 reward point for every ₱20.00 charged with your Security Bank Gold MasterCard


  • For every ₱20.00 charged, you get 1 rewards point with your Security Bank Gold MasterCard


  • Enjoy the convenience for all utility bills payment with Bills Assist Online Facility
  • Plus enjoy 1 rewards point for every ₱20.00 charged with your Security Bank Gold MasterCard


  • Use Security Bank Gold MasterCard on your groceries and earn 1 rewards point for every ₱20.00 charged

Other Features

  • Cash Advance

    • Get cash advance of up to 30-50% of the credit limit with fees either ₱500.00 or 5% of total amount, whichever is higher

  • Balance Transfer

    • Combine your other credit cards' balances to one payment for as low as 1.90%

  • Installment Plan

    • 0% interest Installment Payment Plan at all participating merchants

  • Supplementary Card

    • Up to 5 supplementary cards to help you manage your family's finances

  • E-Statement

    • Receive your Statement of Account paperless and straight to your email

  • Bills Assist

    • Consolidate your bills payments quickly and easily with Bills Assist online facility

  • Credit Card Services

    • Cardholders can now update their profile, enroll for eStatement of Account, change their mailing address, request for credit limit increase and Cash Advance Pin in just a click

  • Customer Service

    • 24/7 Dedicated Customer Service for any inquiries & concerns

  • Security Bank Online Banking

    • Allows credit card holders to view their last 10 transactions, outstanding and available balance, cash advance and conversion of straight purchases to installment in real time & download their Statement of Account on demand

Card Information

Annual fee ₱2,500.00
Min. monthly income ₱36,667.00
Min. age for principal holder

21-65 years old

Min. age for supplementary holder

16-65 years old

Fee for supplementary holder ₱1,500.00
Finance charges 3.50% per month
Must have postpaid account? Yes
Identification needed Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS No.
Card Replacement Fee


Sales Slip Retrieval Fee


Late payment charge

₱600.00 or 6% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher

Cash advance amount

Cash advance of up to 30-50% of the credit limit

Cash advance charge

₱500.00 or 5% of total amount, whichever is higher

Cash advance interest charge

Same as credit card interest, 3.50%

Cashback limit


Rewards points expiry

No Expiration

Product Review by iMoney Philippines

The Golden Ticket

If an all-around card is what you need, Security Bank Gold Credit Card will not disappoint. For every purpose you might have in mind, there will be matching rewards that you can benefit from. Never forget to bring it during your travels abroad as you can use your card anywhere through MasterCard’s vast range of partner merchants around the world. Along with worldwide recognition, you are also entitled to all the perks, freebies, and discounts offered as well. Put your purchases to good use as you earn Rewards Points on your transactions as you receive 1 point for every ₱20 charged to your card. If you are concerned with security then you have nothing to worry about with eSecure, a feature that guarantees secured online shopping with features that lets you set your own limits.

Fees and Charges of Security Bank Gold Credit Card

For the principal cardholder, the annual membership fee is ₱2,500 and ₱1,500 for the supplementary cardholder. Interest rate is 3.5% per month and late payment fee is ₱600 or 6% of the minimum amount due, whichever is higher.

Are you eligible for a Security Bank Gold Credit Card?

To be eligible, you need to have a minimum monthly income of ₱36,250 and at least 21-65 years of age to apply as a principal cardholder. For supplementary cardholders, they must be between 16-65 years old. You can get up to 5 supplementary cards.

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