• Min. Monthly Income


  • Interest Rate

    3.5% /month

  • Annual Fee


Feature Highlights
  • Exclusive deals only available to Union Bank credit cardholders


  • Every ₱35.00 purchase using your card entitles you to 1 point.
  • Transfer your Rewards Points to Philippine Airline’s Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program for a free plane ticket
  • Convert your Reward Points directly into CebuPacific tickets
  • No matter which airline you fly, your fully-charged UnionBank Gold Credit Card lets you enjoy a relaxing stay at the Club Manila Lounge for FREE


  • Every ₱35.00 purchase using your card entitles you to 1 point.


  • Every ₱35.00 purchase using your card entitles you to 1 point.


  • Exclusive Deals from Union Bank Merchant Partners
  • Every ₱35.00 purchase using your card entitles you to 1 point.

Other Features

  • Cash Advance

    • 30% of the credit limit and fees are either ₱300.00 or 6% of the cash advance amount, whichever is higher

  • Installment Plan

    • Pay up to 36 monthly installment terms at 0% interest

  • Auto-charge Facility

    • Auto-charge your utility bills to your UnionBank credit card.

  • Credit Life Insurance

    • Financial protection for you and your family which covers up to ₱400,000 of your outstanding balance in the event of untimely death, permanent or temporary disability

  • Unlimited Number of Supplementary Card

    • Share the limitless possibilities of your UnionBank Credit Card to as many family members and friends who are at least 14 years old!

Card Information

Annual fee ₱2,500.00
Min. monthly income ₱50,000.00
Min. age for principal holder

18-60 years old

Min. age for supplementary holder

14-60 years old

Fee for supplementary holder ₱1,250.00
Finance charges 3.50% per month
Must have postpaid account? Yes
Identification needed Tax Identification Number (TIN) and SSS/GSIS No.
Card Replacement Fee


Sales Slip Retrieval Fee


Late payment charge


Cash advance amount

30% of credit limit

Cash advance charge

₱300.00 or 6% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher

Cash advance interest charge

Same as credit card interest, 3.50%

Cashback limit


Rewards points expiry

No Expiration

Product Review by iMoney Philippines

Fly For Free

Union Bank Gold Credit Card provides the chance for you to travel for free in numerous ways. You don’t have to bother with getting a different card just to accumulate points to get free air miles. Using only this card, you can earn 1 reward point for every ₱35 purchased with it. With three airline partners, it allows for more options to get free flights. You can either transfer your accumulated points to Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program to get a free plane ticket, or you can convert your points directly for Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways tickets to bring you to your dream destination. You also have the opportunity to relax before your flight at Club Manila Lounge for free, regardless of the airline.

Fees and Charges of Union Bank Gold Credit Card

The principal cardholder is required to pay an annual membership fee of ₱2,500, whereas for the supplementary cardholder, it will be ₱1,250. The effective monthly Interest rate is 3.5% and late payment charge is ₱750.00.

Are you eligible for a Union Bank Gold Credit Card?

You are eligible as a principal cardholder if you have a minimum gross income of ₱50,000 per month and at least 18 to 60 years of age. The number of supplementary cardholders is unlimited, however they must be 14 to 60 years old.

If you need assistance in getting the right card, we are ready to help. Our team also suggests that you view Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card and UCPB Gold Credit Card, both have similar qualities which may appeal to your interest.

If you're interested in other features, you can also review and compare details on our site to help guide you with your Union Bank credit card application. We aim to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free online transaction.