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Apply for a TALA cash loan whenever, wherever! Loan tenure up to 30 days only

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    21 - 30 days
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    Within the day

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Whats so great about Tala Philippines?

  • Your most convenient option for a quick cash loan

  • No credit card or collateral required

  • Get approved for up to ₱10,000 cash loan in just 1 day!

Product Features

Min. Financing Amount ₱ 1000
Max. Financing Amount ₱ 10000
Min. Loan Tenure 21 days
Max. Loan Tenure 30 days
Interest Rate 0.5% interest rate daily
Approval Duration Within the day
Debt Consolidation No

Fee & Charges

Processing Fee N/A
Stamp Duty N/A
Disbursement & misc. fee Dependent on selected cash-out channel (specific fees can be found in-app)
Other Fees Service fee of 11% (21 days loan tenure) or 15% (30 days loan tenure)
Early Settlement N/A
Late Payment Charges 8% late fee on outstanding balance


Guarantor/Collateral Requirement No

Other Requirements

Need to open linked bank account? No

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Looking for a convenient way to immediately apply for a cash loan? Tala is the answer. An online lending provider that allows you to instantly apply for a loan through an Android app. All you need is an Android phone and an ID and you can easily apply and get the results in an instant! You can get approved from as low as ₱1,000 to as much as ₱10,000. Another great feature is you don’t need to have a credit card or a minimum monthly income to be qualified for a loan. There are also no collateral requirements. You can settle the loan as early as 21 days up to 30 days with an interest rate of 15%-15.7% per month. The only requirement is you have to be 18 - 65 years of age to apply. Get the additional funds you need right at your fingertips whenever, wherever, with Tala.

Advantages Of Applying With Tala:

  • No minimum monthly income requirement.
  • No collateral/credit card required.
  • Get approved in just 1 day.
  • Pay in 21 days, up to 1 month.

Interested? Take a look at the rest of the details below for more information regarding the product.

Tala Cash Loan FAQ

How can I apply for a Tala Philippines Cash Loan?

You can apply for a cash loan in Tala by downloading their app in Google Play.

How much can I borrow?

With Tala Cash Loan, borrow from as low as ₱1,000 up to ₱10,000 on your next loan, subject to approval.

How much is the loan amount for first-time borrowers?

The default amount for first time borrowers is PHP1,000. This can go higher depending on their assessment of your background.

What is the interest rate, fees, and other charges or penalties?

Interest rate for their loan ranges from 15%-15.7% a month. Other fees include a service fee of 11% (21 days loan tenure) or 15% (30 days loan tenure), and a late payment fee of 8% of the outstanding balance.

What are the Tala Cash Loan Requirements?

An applicant must fulfill Tala's eligibility criteria for a loan:

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old and above.

Consequently, after downloading the app on your Android phone, the following document/s is/are necessary:

  • 1 government-issued ID

*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation.

What devices can use the Tala loan app?

Tala is only available to Android users via Google Play.

How fast is the application and approval process?

The application and approval process only takes 24 hours.

How does the Tala Cash Loan Calculator work?

The Tala Cash Loan calculator computes the estimated cost of borrowing and amount of payment per installment. Input the desired loan amount to automatically get the estimated monthly amortization for different tenors.

Where can I use the Tala cash loan?

Tala Cash Loan is a personal loan, the purpose of taking the loan is not for the approval of your application. You can use the loan at your own discretion.

Once approved, how can I receive my loan?

Once approved, you will receive the funds in a few hours to a day at most.

What are the payment methods for loan repayment?

You can choose for your loan through the following payment channels:

  • GCash
  • Coins.ph
  • PayMaya
  • 7-Eleven
  • M Lhuillier
  • Cebuana Lhuillier

How can I check my Tala cash loan application status?

You can check your loan application status through the app.

If my loan application is rejected, can I re-apply?

You can re-apply again after 3 months.

What's the loan renewal process for Tala cash loan?

The loan renewal process is easier than the intial application given that you managed to pay your dues promptly. In fact, you might get a higher loan amount on your next loan as long as you maintain a good record with them. The renewal option will be available on the app, should you qualify for it. Just click on it to proceed.

Is it possible to extend payment for Tala cash loan?

It's possible but you will be charged with a late payment fee. On top of that, your credit history with them will take a hit and may affect the chances of taking a loan with them again.

What happens if I cannot make the loan payment?

You will be charged with a late payment fee of 8% of the outstanding balance and your chances of renewing the loan will decrease.

Is Tala Cash Loan the right one for me?

With the ever growing number of app users in the country, Tala is in the forefront of providing immediate funding needs through their Tala Cash Loan app. Their native app solution allows users to borrow small amounts of funds that they can use for whatever urgent need they may have. Everything is done through the app with fast, same day loan approval and disbursement, with the maximum loan repayment term set only up to 30 days. So if you are in the market with an urgent need to borrow a small amount with the capacity to pay immediately, then Tala Cash Loan should be on top of your list.

Consider first your financial situation and compare other products in the market to find the right solution for you. Take a look below for fast cash loans that closely matches your requirement:


Asteria Personal Loan

Being in a tight financial bind can be quite stressful especially if it comes with a worrying sense of urgency. To get over this predicament, there are micro-loans currently available in the market that you can consider getting. The major advantage with this type of loan is the convenience of the application process as well as the speed of approval and availment of funds. Asteria Personal Loan offers loanable amounts starting from ₱2,000 up to ₱20,000 which you can repay within 10 weeks up to a maximum of 3 months. Interest rate is 0.8% per day with a processing fee that amounts to 10% of the loanable amount. To qualify, you have to be a regular employee with at least ₱10,000 gross monthly income and must be at least 21-60 years of age. Get approved and receive the funds in as fast as 1 working day.

RFSC Personal Loan

If the maximum loan amount of the previous two products is not exactly what you are looking for, then RFC Personal Loan could be the right solution for your financial need. Backed by a company that has been offering financial solutions in the past 50 years, you can rest easy that you are dealing with a reputable enterprise capable of providing the financial assistance that you need. From a minimum amount of ₱5,000, you can borrow up to ₱50,000 at an add-on rate of 3.5% per month. They also offer flexible loan tenure starting from 3 months up to 1 year. An applicant is required to earn a minimum monthly income of at least ₱7,000 (provincial) or ₱10,000 for Metro Manila residents. You must also be 21-64 years of age to qualify.

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry too much on where to get additional funds in case you are having a tough cash flow situation. There are alternative online cash loan providers that offer short-term loans to get you through that tight spot. Take a look at our list of reputable financial providers and go through all the product details to help you choose the right solution for you.