SB Finance Car4Cash

Keep using your car while your OR/CR gets you the cash you need with SB Finance Car4Cash via Zuki Mobile App.

  • icon Interest Rate
    Interest rate (p.a.)
    15.00% - 24.00%
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Loan Tenure
    1 - 4 years
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Approval Duration
    5-7 banking days
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Min. monthly income
    ₱ 12,000

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Whats so great about SB Finance Car4Cash?

  • You can use Car4Cash to fund your immediate expenses via Zuki Mobile App

  • Flexible loan amounts from ₱100,000 to ₱2,000,000.

  • Loan tenors from 12 to 36 months.

  • Loan using your car's OR/CR.

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Product Features

Min. Financing Amount ₱100,000.00
Max. Financing Amount ₱2,000,000.00
Min. Loan Tenure 12 months
Max. Loan Tenure 36 months
Interest Rate As low as 1.25% per month (depending on age of car and loan term)
Approval Duration 5-7 banking days
Debt Consolidation No

Fee & Charges

One time set up
Processing Fee 3% of loaned amount
Stamp Duty ₱1.50 for every ₱200.00 (for loans of at least ₱250,000 only)
Disbursement & misc. fee None
Annual Fee None
Other Fees ₱200 Notarial Fee, ₱2,500 Pre-Termination Process Fee (when applicable)
Late Payment Charges 3% of the amount due or ₱500, whichever is higher


Age requirement Age 21 - 65
Employment eligibility If Employed: At least ₱15,000.00 monthly income (within Metro Manila) and ₱12,000.00 (outside Metro Manila). If Self-employed: At least ₱60,000 gross monthly income.
Min. salary requirement ₱12,000 gross per month
Guarantor / Collateral requirement OR/CR

Other Requirements

Need to open linked bank account? No
Other details Car4Cash can be offered to both employed and self-employed individuals (aged 21-65 years old) who presently own a car for at least six months.

Review by iMoney

Genuine ideas are always a welcome sight nowadays especially in the financial services industry. As one of the leading universal banks in the country, Security Bank has been providing decades-long assistance to consumers in need of financial products. Leading the way through innovation, Security Bank is geared towards continuous improvement to offer better banking experience to their clientele.

With their recent partnership in 2020 with Thailand’s Bank of Ayudha or most commonly known as “Krungsri”, it now positions Security Bank’s subsidiary SB Finance as an emerging digital platform, offering a strong portfolio of financial services in the Philippine market.

With this development, Security Bank now introduces their latest financial product, the Car4Cash loan. This personal loan allows you to borrow additional cash with the use of your car’s official receipt or certificate of registration (OR/CR). The good thing about this is you can still keep using your car while you submit your OR/CR to SB Finance for safekeeping. The application process is fast and convenient. You simply need to complete and submit the application form and the required documents, wait for the appraisal of your vehicle, then get notified of the approval via SMS and email. After which you just need to sign the loan documents and receive the cash disbursement through Manager’s Check (MC) or credit to your account. The approval turnaround time is from 5 to 7 banking days. You can borrow starting from ₱100,000 up to ₱2,000,000 with competitive interest rates ranging from 1.25% - 2.5% depending on the age of your car and loan term. The processing fee is 3% of the loanable amount and you can pay with flexible terms starting from 1 up to 3 years. The mode of loan payment is via Post-Dated Checks (PDCs).

Their loan interest ranges from 3.315% to 4.563% per month with flexible payment terms and a long repayment period starting from 6 months. The best part is, the low minimum monthly income requirement which is only ₱7,000. On top of that, you don’t need any collateral or credit cards. For repeat borrowers, no requirements will be needed.

Advantages Of Applying With Security Bank Car4Cash Loan:

  • Borrow cash while keeping your car.
  • High loan amount of up to ₱2,000,000.
  • Low minimum gross income.
  • Low interest rate.

Current car owners with an urgent need for additional funds will now have a viable solution with SB Finance Car4Cash loan. If you are interested, go through the product details below for more info.

Security Bank Car4Cash Loan FAQ

What is the SB Finance Car4Cash loan?

This is a secured loan which uses your car’s official receipt or certificate of registration (OR/CR) as collateral.

How can I apply for an SB Finance Car4Cash loan?

Prepare your car's OR/CR and apply through our apply form

How much can I borrow?

With a Security Bank Car4Cash Loan, you can borrow ₱100,000 to ₱2,000,000, subject to approval.

What are the rates, fees, and charges of SB Finance Car4Cash?

  • Interest rate: is between 1.25 to 2.5 percent per month depending on the car and loan term
  • Processing fee: 3% of the loaned amount.
  • Other fees: ₱200 Notarial Fee

What are the Security Bank Car4Cash Loan Requirements?

Applicant must meet Security Bank’s eligibility criteria to qualify for the loan:

  • Must be 21 to 65 years old upon loan maturity.
  • Must be a Filipino citizen OR,
  • Local resident foreigner with a valid Philippine billing address
  • Applicant’s residence or office must be within the Bank’s service area.
  • If employed:
    • Currently a regular and permanent employee for at least 1 year.
    • With a minimum gross monthly income of ₱15,000 for Metro Manila residents, and ₱12,000 for those residing outside Metro Manila.
  • If self-employed:
    • Must be the owner or majority shareholder with at least 40% stake in the company, and
    • The company must have positive net worth in the last 2 years.
    • Minimum gross monthly income of ₱100,000.

After filling out an application form, the following documents should be submitted:

  • One (1) valid government-issued photo ID
  • Photocopy of car’s official receipt or certificate of registration (OR/CR) and must be under the borrower’s name, unencumbered and owned for at least 6 months
  • Screenshot from Google maps of home and company address.
  • Additional requirements for employees:
    • Certificate of employment and compensation (issued within the last two (2) months)
    • ITR or BIR 2316
    • Latest one (1) month pay slip
  • Additional requirements for self-employed:
    • SEC/DTI Certificate of Registration
    • Business permit/Mayor’s permit
    • Latest one (1) year Audited Financial Statements (AFS) with at least the previous year’s comparative financials
    • Latest three (3) months bank statements
    • Latest GIS (if corporation)
  • Vehicle requirements
    • Can either be brand new or used
    • Must be registered under borrower’s name or under business name if business is a sole proprietorship owned by the borrower
    • At least 6 months of ownership at the point of application and should not be encumbered
    • Must be a passenger or pick-up car, trucks not allowed
    • Must not have been used commercially (e.g. used for Grab / TNVS), and cannot be a public utility vehicle / yellow plate (e.g. taxi, jeepney, UV express, FX, etc.)
    • Maximum age of 10 years at point of application

*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation.

How does the Security Bank Car4Cash Loan Calculator work?

The Security Bank Car4Cash Loan calculator computes the estimated cost of borrowing and the amount of payment per installment. You just need to input the desired loan amount to automatically get the estimated monthly amortization for different tenors.

What is the repayment process of the SB Finance Car4Cash loan?

They require borrowers to pay their loan via post-dated checks (PDC) only.

What are the advantages and benefits of SB Finance Car4Cash?

First of all, the screening process will be less painstaking, you only need to present your car's OR/CR and some identification documents. Secondly, the loan amount is higher than the average personal loan because the amount will be based on the current market value of your car.

Who Should Avail of SB Finance Car4Cash?

Car owners who have the car for at least 6 months can apply for this loan.

Is Security Bank Car4Cash Loan the right one for me?

This loan specifically caters to existing car owners. The SB Finance Car4Cash loan is perfect for those looking to borrow additional funds without having to give up their vehicle. The only collateral you need to give is your car’s official receipt or certificate of registration (OR/CR) for the bank’s safekeeping.

The application process is quick and easy while the approval period is only 5 to 7 business days, perfect for urgent financial needs. With competitive interest rates and long payment tenure, repayment will be easy on your cash flow.

For the more traditional loan products in the market, you may consider the following providers where you can also loan for your urgent cash needs:
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BPI Personal Loan lets you borrow ₱20,000 to ₱1,000,000 with an interest rate of 14.4% per annum and the add-on rate is 1.2% per month. The loan approval process is 8-13 banking days and loan tenure is 1 to 3 years, with payment processed via auto-debit through your BPI account. To be eligible for this loan, you must have a minimum monthly income of ₱25,000.

Citi Personal Loan

If you are looking for immediate financial assistance, Citi Personal Loan offers 24 hours loan approval. It boasts one of the longest loan tenures in the market, up to 5 years term. You can borrow up to ₱2,000,000 with 15.16% - 16.5% annual interest rate. To qualify for this loan, you must at least earn ₱21,000 gross monthly income and a current credit card holder of at least 6 months.

EastWest Bank Personal Loan

EastWest Bank has been a reliable financial service provider for almost three decades now and their personal loan is less demanding with the income requirement and 7 days approval only.. You only need to have a gross monthly income requirement of just ₱15,000, and you can borrow ₱25,000 up to ₱2,000,000 with an annual interest rate of 22.68% and an add-on rate of 1.49% per month. Their loans are payable within 3 years.

Having multiple providers in the market gives consumers more options to find products that match best with their needs, lifestyle, and cashflow. Browse our list of providers offering fast approval personal loans and choose one that fits your qualifications.