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Whatever your cash needs, Sterling Bank is there to make it happen for you.

  • icon Interest Rate
    Interest rate (p.a.)
    16.80% - 18.00%
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Loan Tenure
    1 - 3 years
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Approval Duration
    Up to 5-7 banking days
  • icon Min. monthly income
    Min. monthly income
    ₱ 30,000

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Whats so great about Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan?

  • Enjoy terms of up to 36 months.

  • Use the loan for whatever you need.

  • Borrow any amount from ₱50,000 to ₱1,000,000.

Product Features

Min. Financing Amount ₱50,000.00
Max. Financing Amount Up to ₱1,000,000.00
Min. Loan Tenure 1 year
Max. Loan Tenure 3 years
Interest Rate Fixed rate of 17.40% per annum, 1.45% per month add-on
Approval Duration Up to 5-7 banking days
Debt Consolidation No

Fee & Charges

One time set up
Processing Fee ₱2,000.00 (employed) / ₱2,500 (self-employed)
Stamp Duty ₱1.00 for every ₱200.00 in excess of ₱250,000.00 of the loan amount
Disbursement & misc. fee N/A
Early Settlement None if you have informed the bank one month ahead.
Late Payment Charges ₱300.00 or 5% p.a. on any balance outstanding, whichever is higher


Age requirement Age 21 - 60
Employment eligibility At least ₱30,000.00 monthly income
Min. salary requirement ₱30,000 gross per month
Guarantor / Collateral requirement No

Other Requirements

Need to open linked bank account? Yes
Other details Method of Payment - Post-dated checks

Review by iMoney

If you haven’t heard about Sterling Bank of Asia, you would be surprised that it is actually part of their strategy. A relatively new provider in the banking and finance industry, they opened their first branch in March 2007. What started with 7 branches, has now grown to 47 branches located at key areas nationwide. Focused on offering a different kind of service, they target a segmented client base for both retail and commercial banking needs. They provide a wide range of services from deposits, loans, investments, and other financial products catering to small to medium enterprises, large-scale corporations, and retail customers alike. The personal loan offered by Sterling Bank of Asia is a non-collateral loan with borrowing amounts ranging from ₱50,000 to ₱1,000,000 having flexible payment terms starting from 12 months up to 36 months. The fixed interest rate is 17.4% per annum with add-on rate of 1.45% per month. The approval duration for this loan would take about 5 to 7 banking days. Borrowers will be eligible if they earn at least ₱30,000 monthly gross income with the need to open a bank account.

Advantages Of Applying With Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan

  • Offers a service with specialized approach to the client’s needs.
  • Flexible loan tenure.
  • Ample loanable amount.
  • Competitive interest rate.

Go over the details on this page for more information regarding this product.

Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan FAQ

How can I apply for a Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan?

Simply fill out the online application form and submit the requirements needed. Expect a call from our Customer Care Agents to assist you with your application.

How much can I borrow?

With a Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan, borrow as much as ₱1,000,000, subject to approval.

What is the interest rate, fees, and other charges or penalties?

Interest rate is 16.80% of the principal amount. There is a one-time processing fee of ₱2,000.00 (employed) / ₱2,500 (self-employed). There is a late payment fee of ₱300.00 or 5% p.a. on any balance outstanding, whichever is higher. Early settlement fees will not be incurred if you inform the bank one month ahead.

What are the Sterling Bank of Asia's Personal Loan Requirements?

Am I eligible to apply for a Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan? To be eligible to apply for a personal loan, here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Filipino Citizen.
  • 21 - 60 years old.
  • Minimum gross salary of ₱30,000 per month.
  • With home and office landline.
  • No adverse credit findings.
  • At least 1 year residency, if renting.
  • For employed:
      Employment tenure of at least 2 years with present employer except for BPO/Call Center Back Room and Manufacturing Companies which is at least 3 years.
  • For self-employed:
      Business in operation for at least 3 years and profitable for the past 2 years.

Consequently, after filling out an application form, the following documents are necessary:

Fully Employed applicants need:

  • Copy of 1 month latest pay slip.
  • Latest BIR Form 2316 with complete signature.
  • Photocopy of Company ID.
  • Photocopy of 1 Government ID.
  • Latest 2 months credit card statements (if any).
  • Certificate of Employment (for selected companies).

Self–Employed applicants need:

  • Business Permit.
  • DTI or SEC Registration w/ Gen. Information Sheet.
  • 6 months Bank Statements.
  • 2 years ITR with Audited Financial Statement.
  • Trade references (3 customers and 3 suppliers with contact details).

*Additional documents may be required during credit evaluation.

How fast is the application and approval process?

Application and approval of the personal loan will take 5 to 7 business days.

What are the monthly loan terms of Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan?

You can have a monthly loan term of 12 months to 36 months depending on your loan amount.

What are the payment methods of Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan?

Payment method for Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan is through post-dated checks.

How can I check my loan application status?

You can check the status of your personal loan application by reaching out using these methods.

Can I use the Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan for any purpose?

Yes. You can use the Sterling Bank Personal Loan for anything you need like starting a new business, settling an old debt or going on a vacation.

Where can I download the Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan application form?

How does the Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan Calculator work?

The Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan calculator computes the estimated cost of borrowing and amount of payment per instalment. Input the desired loan amount to automatically get the estimated monthly amortization for different tenors.

Is Sterling Bank of Asia Personal Loan the right one for me?

As a relatively new comer in the banking industry, Sterling Bank of Asia demonstrated that they can go head-to-head with the major players by going for a more customized service aimed at a segmented client base. With sheer determination and a more focused approach towards their clientele, they are able to provide a high level of service with products that fit their client’s needs to a tee. Being a new brand can be a cause for concern for most of the consumers, however, if their level of professionalism is evident on how they conduct business compared to other providers, no doubt it would be a good decision to choose them as your partner provider.

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